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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, Soul Sisters in liberal hypocrisy!

These two women attacked Trump yesterday as a soulless creep for talking about buying foreclosed homes back in 2007.  Clinton dissed him in a speech and then she had Warren do the same.    Of course the whole housing bubble was created by mortgages the poor could not pay back.  All put together by William Clinton and Barney Frank.  Sub-prime anyone?

HERE is a YAHOO article on Warren regarding her making a fortune off of foreclosures and house "flipping".  Can you say HYPOCRITE?
Elizabeth Warren, AKA Hypocrite!

Trump now calls this woman from the Northeast "Pocahontas"  If you recall she claimed she was a Indian since she had high cheekbones.  She used that claim to get special treatment and grants to attend high end colleges.  Affirmative action for a phony Indian apparently.  Yet the people of Massachusetts still put this liar into office!  Remember she was the person that created the phrase, "you didn't build that" regarding the business world.  She is a avowed socialist!

So here we go, these liberal liars and hypocrites are out telling everyone they are against those evil rich people when they themselves are rich.  And they got rich doing the same things they accuse others of doing.  Others must not flip houses.  Others must not accept "big money" in politics.  Others must tell the truth.  Other must not abuse "non-profits" for personal gain.  Those others are just get reamed by these liberal women (and Bernie Sanders).  Yet they are guilty as hell if there is guilt to be found.

Personally I could care less if Warren flipped houses.  But she  threw little old ladies out of their homes to make a profit. Where is that "bleeding heart" for the poor and helpless? She seems to make that a lifelong strategy to get rich it appears to me.  So if I were Warren and Hillary, I would shut my mouths and apologize to all those they screwed over on the house foreclosures.  But of course they think the mainstream media will carry their water and protect them.  We can see a little actual reporting though as even the Huffington Post and Boston Newspapers do stories on them.  Even the MSM can't seem to stomach these liars for booting out old women from their homes.

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