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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Duane Strawser or Heidi Hall?

 I saw this letter to the Editor in today's Union and decided it was worth reprinting here (see bottom).  I have no room in my life for people like Jeff Pelline and his few readers who are  spreading their "big city politics" here in Nevada County.  Maybe they can get away with lying about people there, but we have a small county and word gets around.  Pelline does his best to impugn people.  He calls those he disagrees with "good ol' boys", podunkers, and more.  Now he is attacking the people that donate to his opposition in ideology.  My goodness he must be lonely.

Heidi Hall has extremist views.  She is a bureaucrat for the State.  A manager for the California Department of Water Resources.   She was soundly defeated in her run for Congress.  Her minions attacked Doug LaMalfa relentlessly with innuendo and lies during that race.  Fortunately the people of the county and District saw the ploy and re-elected a good man.  Hall has received donations from the extremists sitting on the Democratic Central Committee.  Those people are truly out of touch with their county residents.  But they and their other extremist leftist's give freely to Hall in the hopes of electing a fellow traveler.

I have never met Hall or Strawser.  Reading the information on them both I would say Strawser is the best fit for the district.  He is more in tune with the local issues and has served this community well with his volunteering and serving as a Councilman. Hall tries to convince voters she is for business growth and property rights and small farms supporter.  Mom and apple pie stuff.  Words are cheap.  Where is the beef?  

I recall all that was pushed by a woman running for District 4 years ago.  I knew that person was not telling the truth yet she got elected.  Well, the true colors were exposed and she was booted in the next election as it was proven she was a extreme lefty, anti-property rights and regulation supporter.  I am afraid I see the same thing with Hall.

One must actually be in a business and sign the front of a check to convince me they are sincere in their views.  Put your money where your mouth is kind of candidate.  Strawser seems to be that person.  Small businessman and active in city endeavors.  Hall does not appear to have that experience.  Read those Candidate Statements in the sample ballot please.  Hall's does not resonate at all.

So, Hall equals a government employed bureaucrat involved in water regulations.  A person enmeshed with rules and enforcement of government on people.

Strawser is  involved in small business and city government as a elected person.

I'll go with the small businessman.

 Here is the Letter from today's Union Newspaper.

"An objection to Duane Strawser is that some of his backers supported the Tea Party. This information, gleaned from a left-leaning blogger, viciously implied there is some corruption going on and some incestuous relationship between Americans for Good Government and the Tea Party.
There doesn’t seem to be any objection to the Democratic Women (not exactly an agenda-free organization) making a large contribution to Heidi Hall. Perhaps some of her other contributions should be scrutinized as well.
Why are the Heidi Hall supporters attacking Duane Strawser, a moderate, decline-to-state citizen of Nevada County who has the best interests of the county in mind? The same guy who put out thousands of his own dollars to insure the high profile bicycle races came through our county knowing it would bring money into our local economy. He did it without any guarantee of repayment.
Duane has been a business owner in Nevada City for years, donating his time, money and unlimited energy. After meeting Duane, it is apparent he is running for supervisor because he cares about our county. He wants to use his expertise from being on many Nevada County boards and commissions to make sure the county uses its resources wisely.
He stepped in and offered an alternative to the left-leaning and very ambitious Heidi Hall who has set her sights on the board of supervisors after being soundly defeated in her previous congressional race.
Suzie James
Nevada City"


  1. Good article Todd. People who don't know what it takes to run a business, hire people, and the hard work it requires...aren't qualified to run government successfully. They're like children being taken care of. BMW

    1. If you want a Bernie socialst free stuff clone vote for Heidi Hall!

  2. Strawser is a real business owner and a former bike racer. Can you picture the FUE trying to ride a bike? The guy is so grossly obese that he can't even wear real shoes and rolls around town in slippers. LOL!

  3. Even the new Union boss has given up on the FUE and his ego issues. LOL, ROFLOL I can not roll on the flat surface says the most hated former journalist who advertises his rants as the voice of the crazy cat lady crew. Go JJ, GO JJ, Go JJ........

    1. We all welcomed the new guy Rogers and said a nice farewell to Jim Hemig. The other blogger just craps on everyone. What a lonely idiot he must be.

  4. In case you didn't know it, I hate the Union newspaper. I can't stop myself from ranting about it like child. I have no self control as you all can see.

  5. Pelline and Frisch are at it again. Along with other lefty extremists, these semi commies think what they have to say is important. But self absorbed narcissists never pay attention anyway. Frisch, a failed business man and tax cheater, and a substantial donator to Heidi Hall, along with Pelline, a Marin County transplant booted from the Union I heard, are two peas in a pod. No one seems to like either one and both are way out of place in the battle of ideas. So when you see them dissing anyone you should go the opposite. What a hoot!


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