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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sac Bee's Dan Morain almost made me throw-up this morning, Page 1E

If anyone wants to read a mass of crap about how terrible this country is towards illegal aliens, just go read this liberal saps bloviations this morning.  Here is a chance for the Morain guy, who probably opposes the death penalty, to say one little sweet word about the innocent woman murdered in San Francisco.  He could not even do that.  The whole pile of crapola he wrote was how the "system" failed the illegal killer!  Is it any wonder people are fed up?  I don't know if the article will be linkable but here is my attempt to send you to it.

Below is my email to Mr. Morain.  I can't even call him a "gentleman". If you want to email this liberal fool here is his sacbee email.

My email this morning.

"Reading your story it is clear you don't give a hoot about the murder victim.  Why is that?  All your bleeding goes to the killer.  He was on the street because SF is a sanctuary city.  Nothing more nothing less.  You can make all the excuses for the killer and the dopey people running SF but the bottom line is they enticed him to come there for "protection"  Sort of like the mafia.

You and your ilk are the problem here.  Your policies to entice illegals to come are the cause of all this death and destruction.  I blame you.  You can't even say a kind word about the poor woman this felonious man murdered.  Shame on you.  But it is more important to you and your ilk to protect the illegal lawbreakers with a ridiculous "sanctuary" than the protection of America citizen.  No wonder the country is in deep trouble."

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