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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NYT/CBS poll is a bunch of hooey. Just a Hillary push-poll

I learned a long time ago to read the underling questions and demographic info of these polls we are inundated with in America.  The latest one by the New York Times and CBS is truly a ridiculous mess of crapola.  HERE is the link to the PDF.  Of course they don't allow any cut and paste so I was unable to place their questions and results here.

The reason I went and looked at this poll is my curiosity about the "news story" of the Times on Hillary.  They said this poll showed she is even more liked after all the mess reported about her over  the last few weeks.  I said this is BS.  And if you read the questions and review the answers you will see it is truly BS.  The poll randomly called phone numbers supposedly from different regions of the country.  They supposedly called numbers by placing the last two numbers in randomly.  As I read it they got a little under two thousand responses from calling 81,000 numbers.  And they say they called back those numbers that never answered or were busy or had a answering machine.

There are 33 pages and lots of questions.  I read them and must say the people that analyze the results have to be morons.  But we see the NYT and CBS report this poll as a vindication of Hillary Clinton and how much America "loves" her.  I read it way different.  The pollsters asked what is your ideology and the results were LIB=25%, Moderate=37%, Conservative=33%, Undecided=5%.  So this right off the gitgo is way skewed left.  In California the UND is something like 20% for goodness sakes.  It also appears the Moderate contains all democrats!  Anyway, these breakdowns are usually like this poll and they must be trashed for what they are.  A democrat push poll.

Page 12 asked how they felt about Clinton's stint as Secretary of State.  50% Fav, 38% Nope, 12% Don't know.  Then on Question 14, they ask about Hillary's favorability.  Fav=35%, Unfav=36%, Undecided and Don't Know=17%.  How can this be you may ask?  How can 70% say no big deal she may be a crook and then distrust her as large as Question 14 shows?  Just another pill of BS but why would the NYT/CBS News fail to tell the readers about Question 14 and just give us the candy.

Look at questions 45-54 and you will get a feel about what this poll is really all about.  Even question 54 shows the respondents by 55% don't know anything about the Clinton Foundation.  That tells me the people don't listen to the news or they are tuned out of politics.  It is an eye opener.  But I give little or no credence to these polls.  The news media picks and choose what they want the American people to know.  You have to dig deeper to get the truth.  Go read the questions and the answers of these supposed voters which the pollster picked at random.  What a load.

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