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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ann Coulter v Jorge Ramos, wasn't even close

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Ann Coulter
That firebrand blond went into the lion's den and kicked ass.  You should watch the interview by Jorge Ramos of Ann Coulter (on Spanish TV! Jeeze!) and you will get a flavor of why America is changing for the worse. Her new book "Adios America" is available.   Ramos is here from elsewhere (Mexico) and comes across as person looking a gift horse in the mouth.  Coulter thrashes his views and shows his facts to be contrived.

HERE is a 20 minute part of the interview. Make sure you scroll down for more.

Ramos is ungrateful for America letting him stay apparently.  He is just full of grievance after grievance against "white" people.  That is how I take his points.  Coulter made the comment to him after a diatribe of his that he "escaped" from Mexico and came here.  Why did you do that if this country is so terrible? Crickets of course.

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Jorge appears Euro to me
She took questions and had to endure the BS these immigrant illegals tossed at her.  I mean, speak English is too much to ask?  She made great points about pre 1965 immigration and the current attitudes of current immigrants.  Ramos says there are 11 million illegals then admitted later to 30 and 40 million.  Coulter cited Louis Brandeis, a Supreme Court Judge from  early last century on what immigration to America should mean.

Coulter's points were mostly on the culture.  Why have 25% of the Mexican population moved north?  Why does our culture have to become Mexican?  Why are these people not assimilating into the "American" culture?  She said more Nigerians have immigrated to here than from Great Britain.  There are many other gems that will make you shake your head.

I agree with most of the things she said.  She is a tough love realist.  People don't want to hear the truth so they scream "racist" to shut down the debate.  She told one fellow using the "racist" ploy to shut up since it only works for blacks.  Obviously the audience was skewed but two of the audience questioners were not opposed.  One a conservative Cuban immigrant the other a half Italian, half something else.  Listen to them and get real information on how it should be.

Coulter's main point is SEAL THE BORDER first.  Then we will deal with the other issues.  Ramos kept trying to get her to say something he could pounce on her for and she took him to the woodshed and did not play his game.  She is one tough broad and I think her mind is top notch.  Liberals like to toss pies at her and keep her from speaking on college campii.  But I am going to buy her book and maybe I can learn a few things.  I would suggest any spineless Republican afraid of the immigration issue also should buy the book.  Democrats and liberals are hopeless.  All they want is another gazillion poor, dumb voters to stay in power. Too hell with the country.


  1. You're so right. I wish the Union still published her column. I don't knew if you've seen this video. Shows the mental-moral-responsibility problem in America today. BMW.

    1. Coulter says it like it is and takes no prisoners. She and others like Pamela Geller see,;postID=3910539789829599596;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=13;src=postname

      are vilified for speaking their common sense solutions while we have to hear an endless stream of minority and white liberal whining. I watched a CSPAN panel yesterday and the white liberal woman was disgusting. Everything wrong on the planet is the fault of "white males".


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