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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

47 Senators are heroes! Look out Iran!

Well golly, what is good for the goose is good for the gander?  If President Obama wants to legislate, why not let the US Senate do foreign policy?  What I see here is a breakdown of protocol and yet both sides have precedent for their actions.  The Obama administration decided early on that if the legislature would not knuckle under to them on their agendas, they would issue "executive orders" and "executive agreements" to circumvent the people's House and Senate.  Now we see some blow-back and it is the Republicans standing up and saying HEY!  Democrats as usual are just being sheeple.

Ali Khamenei,.jpg
Iranian Big Kahuna Khamenei
Actually the Republicans in the Senate that signed a letter to the Iranians simply said anything the Obama Administration and the Iranians sign is only as good as Obama's word until he is out in January 20, 2017.  Since Obama is circumventing the Constitutional Provisions of Treaties and a 2/3 vote to make it law, the Senators are doing America a great favor.  They are trying to force Obama to live by his oath of office and follow the Constitution.  What a concept. HERE is a copy of the letter sent to the "Great or Supreme  Leader" Khamenei.

Now the letter is just one page and all it really is is a lesson in what our Constitution says.  Oh my!  You would think the world was coming to an end by the outrage the left and the lamestreams are showing.  The letter simply states the truth!  If Obama signs a "executive agreement" it is only good until the next President changes it.  Or tosses it.  It is not a binding treaty.  If you read the lamestreams though you can see why the state of journalism in America is at such at low point.  Even local Nevada County liberal bloggers and their readers don't have a clue about the laws.

The left is calling these American Senators "traitors" for goodness sakes.  How is sending a letter educating someone on the US Constitution to be considered something traitorous?  This tells me the left has no clue about America.  In my view they are the traitors. My goodness, if Iran gets a nuke and hands it off to Al Qaeda, maybe these dumbasses of the left will get it?  Probably not.  The lamestreams and the Obama lackeys are more concerned about Republicans getting it right than Iran getting the bomb!  Democrats of course fall right into line.

 President Roosevelt apparently signed some "executive agreements" in the early 1940's to implement "lend lease" with Great Britain and there may be some others.  So there is some history.  But Lend Lease expired didn't it?  And it defeated the Nazis!

Then we have the democrat Senators sending letters to the USSR leadership to try and undermine Ronald Reagan's deployment of missiles in Europe.  Teddy Kennedy wrote some to I think, Andropov and other libs did some too.  Also, the democrats support for the commies in Nicaragua in the 80's was done to undermine Reagan's foreign policy and implementation of the "Monroe Doctrine".  There are many more democrat exhibiting "traitorous" behaviour than Republicans giving a Constitutional lesson to a terrorist leader in Iran.

Americans are applauding the Senators for this letter not excoriating them.  If the press had told the truth in the reports of the letter I bet there would be a huge amount of support.  But as the lackey's in the lamestream print the Obama love on this, the people are truly shortchanged.  I would suggest people read some conservative new sources for the truth and reject all these leftwing sources since they are unable to write the truth.  Then you all judge who is the traitor.


  1. Lend lease was histry in the making and the constitution requires treaties for this. Thanks Obama, go back to chicago and learn something in our demise,. our president is a traitor

  2. This coming from someone who can't even spell History or capitalize proper nouns says it all. Does the phrase dumber than a rock ring a bell?

  3. he is too busy holding his woody...

  4. The senators who wrote that letter are dumber than a box of rocks. They have totally embarrassed the Republican Party and made them look like a bunch of morons who don't have a clue about how to govern a country. They are the new world laughing stock. Even moderate Republicans, like me, are grossed out. How stupid must people be to vote for these idiots who seem to put politics before the nation's best interests.

    1. How stupid must people be to vote for these idiots who seem to put politics before the nation's best interests.


      Hi jeffy.....!

    2. Anon at 11:04 PM
      Politics before the nation? You must be kidding? A letter that simply states the "executive action" is not enforceable (as Kerry admits) is not politics? My goodness if you are the smartest the left has we R's are so safe. I would suggest Iran getting nukes and handing them off to your friends in ISIL is a lot more dangerous. The R's are trying to prevent that from happening.


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