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Monday, February 16, 2015

ISIL murders Christians in Libya and my solutions

Why in God's name can't anyone say ISLAMIC terrorists?  All these murders around the globe are done in the name of Allah by these scum and yet no one will publish that fact.  These murders are done in the name of a religion and anyone with a brain knows that is true.  I don't care if the press and the cartoonists are afraid to say the truth.  We all know the truth. HERE is the A;-Jazeera report on the murders.  Note the sidebar on the right that states "Al-Azhar stresses that such barbaric action has nothing to do with any religion or human values." (Al-Azhar , centre of Islamic learning).

What a crock.  I think the politicians and the press, along with the apologists from the left are simply afraid to say it.  Our own President is afraid.  Why?  If there are only a 1% band of Islamic terrorists, what is the problem?  I am sure if a Christian did the murder that would be the lead.  The press would shout it out loud and clear.  What is the difference?  Could the press be a bunch of chicken livers?  Could the political class be misreading what might happen if they actually said "Islamic terrorists"?  

Egypt bombed the training base of these scumbag killers of 21 men.  I cannot bring myself to watch these videos made to intimidate non Muslims so I have just read the accounts.  More innocent people beheaded.  At least Egypt took swift action.  It is claimed they killed over 60 of these virus lowlifes and destroyed their training camp/  I truly hope so.  My reading of history about these people tells me that swift retribution with overpowering force is required to take them out or off the planet.

I do believe these "humans" of ISIL are the closest form of a human virus.  They just do their damage without remorse.  They spread unless confronted by a serum.  Talk about a vaccination!  The people all concerned about real life saving vaccinations should be more concerned with these human ones.  Off with their heads these mutants scream out.  At least a person getting a real vaccination has a chance of recovery.  Not so when your head is chopped off.  So here we are.  Day after day these murderers do their dirty deeds and the worlds leaders can't even call them what they are and in what faith they are doing it..  

Without honesty, without the fear of retribution from the so-called "moderate 99%" of the Muslim world, I say onward.  We have to kill this virus on the planet.  It is not capitalism that is the problem.  It is Islamic terror.  For some reason these killers have told us that we must convert or die.  I take them at their word.  Thomas Jefferson had to defeat them in 1805 on the Barbary Coast.  They declared a Jihad then and were attacking the shipping in the Mediterranean.  Jefferson had enough and sent in the Marines.  He kicked their ass and they were quiet for many years afterwords.  But the thread was still there.  It rears its head from time to time.  So what is the thread?  Islam!

I would suggest that the world needs to unite and destroy this virus.  It must be done with overwhelming force and with no quarter.  If you leave some they will be back.  Look at the released scum from Gitmo.  Back into the killing of innocents. (I watched their murdering of mall patrons in Kenya this weekend).  After (or even during) the destruction of the killers, the world must force the Islam scholars and mullahs to teach PEACE.  They keep saying it is a religion of peace so prove it.  Start changing the sermons in the mosques to 100% peace!  That is what the Christians do.  Ever seen a Buddhist sermon preach murder of anyone?  Nope.  

So come on Western world.  Obama and the rest of the lilly livers need to stand up and call a spade a spade.  Islam is the thread of all this planetary murder.  Not "climate change".  If you don't remove the virus then who cares about "climate change"? Obviously the Islamic killers don't.


  1. "Obama and the rest of the lilly livers need to stand up and call a spade a spade.---- typical statement from a chicken hawk who has never and will never go to war. Ask some people who have been shot at just how fun war is. It is not a video game or a John Wayne movie. It's very easy to shout war when you have never had a friend's head land in your lap after being blown off their shoulders.

    1. So you are a chicken hawk Harry? I was told that was something homosexuals called older men looking for younger men. Is that you?

  2. Harry sounds like a Vietnam era burn out, if true.

  3. What a clueless lib!

    "It is not a video game or a John Wayne movie. It's very easy to shout war when you have never had a friend's head land in your lap after being blown off their shoulders". What a stupid and mindless rant!

    One would think our child president views all this as a video game, but it's not, Watching 45 people burned alive, watching heads cut off is a good reason to go to war to stop these animals that will not stop
    unless we go to war against them.

    1. As I write this Obama is addressing his "violent extremist" summit. He says we need to give these head choppers a good job!

    2. The event should be named a summit OF violent extremists. Just look at the people invited like those from boston, the head of the most radical mosque on the east cost. The imam has direct connections to at least a dozen high profile jihadis including the Boston Bombers as well as senior ISIS online communications chiefs among others. This guy purged his mosque of moderates and told his people to not talk to the FBI investigations on the Boston Bombers (who attended the mosque). Then you have the Council on American Islamic Relations which is officialy considered an American based terrorist group by the UAE. So while 0 is kissing up to them our long time allies in Egypt and Saudi are screaming bloody murder that we have known and in some cases wanted muslim brotherhood being received in the white house and dept. of state. Suffered through 0's statement today and thought I was listening to the mayor of Oakland not the head of the free world. I have no doubt 0 really thinks a jobs program would do the trick when the jihadies are the only ones he listens to. 0 likely thinks, So what if Iran gets a bomb? It will be after I get out of office and will be a republicans problem. Sure hope congress does not fall for the phony ISIS war authorization. Its just a sham to wipe away the 2001 and 2002 authorizations that give the OK to go after jihadis anywhere he wants to. He does not want those in place so as to hamstring the next president.

    3. I was listening to a neighborhood organizer. He is truly incoherent about the planet. I truly think he cannot imagine the people he is sweet on, the Muslims, could be head choppers.


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