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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Obama Can't say "Islamic terrorist" Is he sweet on them?

Bob Beckel, a liberal,  has a idea why Obama can't say it.  HERE is the video.


  1. Well I guess beckel gets it right once and awhile. The whole muslim brotherhood engagement by State and the WH is an abomination. Heck, even hillarys is on board having gotten her aide that's married to Anthony weiner king of texting to underage girls a special security clearance. In spite of her aids family holding senior brotherhood jobs. Cant blame the brotherhood types for doing what they said they were and infecting government at all levels. We just need to read what they tell their people to do, its all there and they are doing it to us.

  2. Well, of course. About things Islamic, they only bring up memories of sweetness and light from our president's Islamic youth. Ergo, terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

  3. "It’s easy (and conventional) to snicker at Valentine’s Day, but I have fond memories of drawing and exchanging valentines and candy hearts as children, romantic dinners (at home or out) and family Valentine’s Day dinners. One time, Shannon and I walked down to the waterfront from our flat on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, grabbed a ferry to Sam’s Anchor Cafe in Tiberon and ate a great burger with a glass of Domaine Chandon on the deck."

    Jeff Pelline is is "Tiburon" dumb ass. Maybe you should pay more attention to your own shortcomings (and inability to spell correctly) rather than throwing rocks from your glass house at The Union.

  4. To answer your question Todd, yes, he IS sweet on them. The evidence is overwhelming. He must think we were all born yesterday.

  5. Don't forget the Bush family is sweet on Saudi Arabia.. you know oil is thicker than water or blood. Just ask our good friends the Saudis who financed (and probably orchestrated) the 911 attacks so that the US would put a huge military presence in the middle east and protect the Saudi's sorry asses from the Shiite revolution that threatens their antiquated little kingdom. Isis is also funded by the Saudis and for the same reason as was bin Ladin and company. In fact the Bushes, to this day, still have significant business dealings with the bin Ladin family, just as they did on that day in September, before flying them (the bin Ladins) out of the country without going through customs or questioning them about their brother Osama.


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