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Monday, January 12, 2015

Take that you Islamic Terrorists


  1. I got this from a link on Crabb's blog. He beat Pelline. LOL!

  2. BRAVO TO THE BRAVE BLOGGERS! So much for lefty jeffy getting the scoop. lol

  3. Speaking of hate. The Lib's hate the Chic-fil-a company, they protested and tried to boycott Chic-fil-a and damage their business. Well I love Chic-fil-a and their dedication to Christian beliefs. Plus I like their food and how they support and train their workers.

    Here's a nice story about Chic-fil-a and a homeless man, one of many examples of how wonderful Chic-fil-a really is, regardless of how they are bashed and attacked by the mindless libs:

    It's the Libs that attack and boycott those they don't agree with. It's the Lib's that try to stop free speech if they don't agree with what is being said.

  4. Check out Sunday 12-3 at the Capitol.


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