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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Islamic Terrorism must be destroyed!

As our little blue marble circumvents the sun one more time, what can I say about the state of the planet and its inhabitants?  January is usually the month we take as the beginning of a new year and most people are hopeful things will be better than last year.  But as we have seen, there are some humans that could care less about their lives and others.  Murder is rampant around the globe.  Why would people given the amazing gift of life throw theirs and others away?  I suppose it has been going on since Adam's son killed the other and maybe it will never change.  But I surely hope it will.

These "jihadi" men (and some women) are filled with the desire to force every human on the planet into their religion.  I also think their is a DNA issue here as well.  Some people are predisposed to murder others just because.  They get a kick out of seeing a person die.  It happens everywhere.  Is it just a missing link in their DNA strands that allow them to murder without conscience?  How could a person like seeing a person beat to death or shot or chopped to pieces?  What makes these people so "mad" they can do these acts and not give a rat's ass about it?  I think these people are the missing link.  Well they are missing a link.  Could they be injected with a concoction of fluids containing the "kindness" gene?  Or the sympathy or empathy gene?

These murderous scum that killed all those innocent people in France are truly missing the genes that make up the civilized world.  They apparently think that if you don't kneel to Mohamed then you must die.  Their "holy" book contains many references to Jews and Gentiles as "pigs" and "subhumans".  The Nazi's had nothing on these scumbags.  But as we see, three people with Kalashnikov rifles can bring a western country to a halt.  France had 90,000 after these dirtbags.  The country was looking like the 60s when the Algerian terrorists were all over France.  When all the dust settled yesterday, three scumbags were dead and 17 innocent people were gone.

So how do we deal with this?  We have five million or so Muslim's in our country and we seem to so far not have these kinds of issues.  But could things change?  If we do not require people to swear allegiance to this country and its Constitution, if we do not require them to speak our language and if they refuse to assimilate into American culture, then I think we may see some terror here.  The best solution to head off future problems is to assimilate into the society so the people feel a bond and love for the place and people.  In France and other countries of Europe this has not happened.

France has "no go" zones where the police don't enter.  They fear assassination from the Muslim ghetto's people.  Same in England and Sweden.  It does not work.  I would suggest you could never do a "no go" in Egypt or Iran.  They would force you under duress and threat of violence to become them.  They still stone adulterers to death for goodness sakes.  This week a poor bastard who prayed outside a Mosque was sentence to 20 weeks of 20  lashes!  I mean come on.  Is this 2015 or 650 AD?

Many liberals in America are so PC that the things I say here will cause them to vomit PC diatribes.  What the PC crowd does not get is the cartoonists in Paris are just the first example of Islamic terrorist PC and it is lethal.  If our country does not throw off the scourge of PC in our daily lives and out of the liberal bastions like  universities and the local high schools, we will  eventually see the same outcome as the cartoonists.  We have to tell those that think PC is so wonderful to sit down and shut up.  We must not allow a further degradation of free speech and free expression here in America.

But we actually have that PC attitude in many venues and it is very damaging.  If a Muslim commits a  crime, then the press should report he is a Muslim.  They do it if the person is a Christian, but PC keeps the lamestream "journalist" from telling the total truth.  If a man kills a policeman and the man is black or brown, tell us.  You do it when the killer is white.  Let's start giving the people all the facts.  Not just cherry pick those that are PC.  The truth is the best elixir.  Don't worry that the race and religious hustlers will say bad things about you.  Report the truth!

If the people of the planet allow this PC to continue I fear we will see the demise, totally, of the truth.  Then who wins?  Not the good and kind of the planet.  Only the thugs and murderers win.  If we want to stop the madness we must first unmuzzle the truth.  The followup though will be even tougher.  The planet will never have peace as long as we allow these killers to live on it.  I guess I will be called a warmonger, but so be it.  This cancer of evil by Islamic terrorists must be met and destroyed.  Only then can the people of the planet get some relief from the fear these thugs bring.  The peace of the planet will never arrive as long as we have these kinds of DNA missing link thugs with automatic weapons running amok.

The whole civilized world has to come together with money, resolve, armies and the truth to confront and wipe out these cancerous thugs.  Let freedom ring throughout the planet as we remove the sickness of Islamic terrorism from its surface.

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