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Friday, January 9, 2015

R.L. Crabb thinks he is funny? Maybe not! LOL!

I went back to the 1968 annual to see if I could find him and lo and behold he was in the class of 1969.  He looked like the dweeb he still is today except he is much older and looking quite frail.  He has stated many times he tried many different chemical substances back in the day when living in San Francisco.  I really think the abuse of chemicals that alter one's cognitive skills is something to be avoided.  But I guess some people are really weak.

I seem to be living rent free in the leftover gray matter of Crabb.  He takes whatever opportunity he can to call me names.  Just like he did on the schoolyard at recess.  My goodness, he just has not grown up.  He has a blog that he moderates me off of since he can't deal with a point of view in conflict with his.  But that is OK since no one reads his blog anyway.  He does seem to follow me around the blogs I comment on to call me names.  As always, I say, What a hoot!

He does cartoons for a living (he must be really broke) and makes fun of me and others which I assume makes him feel important.  He is alone in that regard.  Most of his pals seem to be leftovers from the drug scene of the 60's and 70's, something I avoided with a vengeance. 

I took a different path, marriage, family, entrepreneurship and public service.  I found that a ravaged drugged brain and lifestyle was not something that interested me.  But all I can deduce from the constant name calling of Crabb against me is he is a jealous man.  His lifestyle has come back to haunt him and for that I give him a break.  I even pray for his soul to be saved from his hate and meaningless self exile from reality.

So, Crabb, sorry I stole your girlfriend back in 68', I know it really traumatized you, but at some point you have to move on.  I have forgiven you and your transgressions.  And as your pal Pelline says ,LOL!


  1. The most significant difference between you and Bob, Todd, is that Bob has class.

    1. And I have more than Kesti, the unemployed schmuck.

  2. Bob Crabb is married so he doesn't have a girlfriend anymore.

  3. Well Woody, I ran into Crabb last night in Nevada City. We had a nice chat. We have decided to have a truce and calm down. So, hopefully I can resist striking back at my critics. LOL!

  4. You are definitely the biggest idiot in Nevada County Mr. Juvinall.

  5. So Todd can you share with us the inspirational story of how you went from being a wannabe biker to "marriage, family, entrepreneurship and public service"


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