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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Democrats and their Lamestream Media stenographers refuse to concede their wipeout November 4, 2014!

I always believed that to be a democrat you had to be a mentally challenged human.  The  proof lately is their acceptance of their monumental defeat on election day.  I have been watching and reading the responses of democrats as well as their mouthpieces in the national and regional media.  You would never know they just had their asses handed to them by the American voters!

Yesterday I watched Nancy Pelosi and her gang of dolts give their press conference to the stenographers of the media and I could hardly believe what I was hearing.  She and her numskulls yakked on and on about their "agenda" and how those wascally Republicans should listen and implement it.  I thought ro myself, "have these people returned to 2006"?  They think they are in charge!  I think the American voters told them simply to "shut up and sit down, the grownups are now in charge"!  But listening to Pelosi, democrat from district 12, San Francisco, you would think she was still Speaker of the House!

Pelosi is in a gerrymandered district where 80% of the voters are her party.  She doesn't know there was a sea change in DC I guess.  Since she wins by huge margins I think she is mentally isolated from reality.  She is also so irritating to me.  When speaking she uses extreme hand gestures to make her points and they are so distracting!  I think the woman is truly odd when you look at her face.  She seems to be somewhere else.  But her party re-elected her as their BOSS in the House so it appears the rest of the democrats have to be mentally challenged as well.  It looks to me that democrats are the URBAN party almost exclusively, and the Republicans are everywhere else.

The outcome of the election has also been disregarded by President Obama.  Instead of taking his whooping and trying to "bury the hatchet" like any realist would do, he has decide to tell the American people "screw you".  He is so full of himself, but all I see is an "empty suit".  He whines and complains and threatens veto's and denigrates the R's and other conservative groups.  He does not know how to actually sit down and meet in the middle.  Even though he and the lamestreams say they want that to take place, they both have no clue how to do it.  They also protect each other from justifiable criticism's about "bi-partisanship" so nothing gets done.  The left simply continues to "poison" the well.

Yesterday the democrats in the US Senate defeated the Keystone X-L Pipeline on a 59-41 vote.  Of course, the democrats perpetrate a fraud on the people because they could have gotten one more to gain the 60 (all R's voted YES) needed to proceed to the President's desk.  Hell, didn't Mary Landrieu sell her soul to get the 60th vote for ObamaCare?  So it was just a phony baloney act by the democrats to look like they, well at least one short of the required vote, cared about jobs and energy.  The democrats just don't get it.  They got whooped good yet still could not pass a bill their eco freak pals and other libs hated.  We see, well the American people see, why their is dysfunction in DC.

This morning I watched Harry Reid speak as the Majority Leader of the Senate.  His whole gig was, blame the Republicans!  I shook my head to clear out the cobwebs of sleep because I was watching another democrat loon act like nothing happened.  He blamed the R's for the lack of voting on the floor!  He did not know that we all know he has held over 300 House passed bills in limbo?  Of course he does, but the demoncrats never take responsibility for anything they do that exposes them as the obstructionist  party leaders they are.  Fortunately for us all, the other "media" outlets allow us to get unfiltered information about the democrat shenanigans and we all said, "ENOUGH"!  So they are now going to be sitting on the back bench where they sent the R's all these years.

So I see that the democrat party is in denial still and perhaps they may never recover.  Obama and the House and Senate D's will become a passing fancy if they don't accept reality.  America gave the R's over 67% od all the state legislatures, 60% of the governors and many more down ticket posts.  Even in California, the voters took away the "super-majority" of the D's in the legislature.  Unfortunately the D's did change the laws on initiatives which will make it harder to place them on the ballot.  They will be headed the way of the national D's if they keep denying the people their rights.

Bottom line to me is this.  If Obama and the D's don't start governing the people will send them into political oblivion and probably then in purgatory they can contemplate their belly buttons.  I am so proud of the people of America for tossing the lib/dems out and putting grownups in charge.  Maybe now we can get America moving back to greatness.


  1. Looks like we are headed to a dictatorship tonight. The co-equal branch of our system, the Congress, has decided that impeachment is off the table and if the other co-equal branch, the Supremes, are loath to involve themselves in Obama's lawlessness, then our form of government is now crap. I think this was always the plan. Some say the Manchurian Candidate is here. Putin will be quite pleased.

    I though Marbury Madison was supposed to be a check by the Supremes? How can they be a coequal if they demand some delay and "standing" from other than either of the co-equal branches.

  2. My satellite service doen't carry the latin/spanish channels, but I was able to hear Obummer. Got to hand it to him, he gave a speech sure to appease many low information voters.

    But there are signs that an increasing number of African Americans are recognizing that they have moved from the back of the bus, to the front of the bus, to now....UNDER the make room for the next generation of voters to become dependents of the government.


    1. Obama has really screwed the blacks of America. They have a high unemployment rate, about double whites, and flooding the country with low wage competition is showing everyone he cares not. Maybe this will let the blacks see there best hope is the R's and free Enterprise and the rule of law. I always said Affirmative Action was a double edge sword and it appears Obama has shifted it all to the latins at the diminishment of the blacks. What a guy.

    2. As I'm sure you know, it was NOT "the white man" that started African Americans on their paths toward slavery.

      So Obama's "screwing" of the blacks of America isn't so surprising.

      But it's wrong. Instead of spending billions on new emigrants, we should be focusing on helping our own poor.


    3. That is true. All the money going to these illegals should be directed to help black Americans.

    4. Below is a response to Obummer's decree from a leader in the Black American community:

      "I wish Obama would focus just ten percent of his time on Americans and not illegals.

      Since this all about rewarding people who chose to put their kids in a position where they’d be “ripped” from their arms, why hasn’t Obama suspended the family law system as well?

      Plenty of American parents lose their kids on a daily basis over silly things like breaking the law."

      --Shelby Emmett, lawyer and former congressional staff member:

    5. JG, good point. Obama has talked to us all about "his" people but what has he done to help them find a job? Nothing. And now he has sent them to the back of the jobs bus and put illegals in front of them. What a guy.


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