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Friday, November 21, 2014

America Transformed by Obama?

Last night we all got to hear President Obama shred our Constitution to implement his own political strategy to obtain millions of new democrat voters.  He of course used his training as a "community organizer" and Saul Alinsky student to do tjhis.  All you saps who have waited and played by the countries rules were thrown under the bus.  You saps, you idiots, you trusting legal path immigrants!  Why hell, just come across the border and you are now assured no one will come after you and send you beck.  What a bunch of fools!

Of course all Americans are immigrants.  Even the "native peoples" came from elsewhere a few thousand years ago.  The history of the planet has been the movements of people from here to there.  But in America we had laws based on a Constitution that we all swear allegiance to.  That document implements the certainty of laws over men.  But Obama has decided to chuck that and become "king"!

Sure past Presidents, along with Congress, made laws to deal with immigrants in a reasonable fashion and the numbers were usually small. (Coolidge and Congress actually cutoff immigration that lasted for forty years!) Obama has leveraged the "good will" of those smaller acts into a massive "amnesty" for people who disregarded the laws.  In my view Obama should be impeached for his lawlessness.  What really upset me though was his wagging his finger at Americans and telling us what a great guy he was for his "feelings" for all these millions of people.  Sorry Obama, I don't feel bad about my beliefs that we are a country of laws as you appear to be.  I feel bad for the millions of poor Americans that will see their wages driven lower, that is if they can even find a job.  I feel bad that the 17 trillion of debt will destroy the country as we add even more to it to "spread the wealth".  All this "good intentions" has intended consequences.

America is a kind and generous nation and has been a stable country because we all shared the compact that our Constitution was the glue holding us together.  I don't care where you come from as long as you respect our rules.  But now, you have sent the message that the rules are flexible and if one man decides to change them then you are OK with that.  You have sent a terrible message about the country.  We are the last best hope of mankind and now you have opened the door to destruction on the most basic compact we have with each other.

The Congress should immediately send this action the US Supreme Court for a Constitutional review.  Why debate it as a political act then it can be simply determined by the Constitutional arbiters of the constitutionality of an act.  I would think the Congress has "standing" since they are a co-equal branch.  So we will see if there is any stomach to uphold the law or uphold the emotions of the act.

If  the lamestream press does not uphold their duty to tell the truth then they will become a dinosaur as we all abandon them and replace them.  God help America.


  1. I agree with requesting a Supreme Court review. There's a special process for expediting this.

    Worst case outcome, is that Obumer's Ex Order stands and then the next Congress deals with it.

    But it''s worth the chance of having the Supreme Court re-affirm the separation of powers.


  2. really, todd.....typical tea party bull shit, one could go through each of your paragraphs and spend many words debating but why bother. but one thing that does rather stand out and that is your statement about obtaining additional democrat voters. of course, these people affected by this action were not given citizenship, so i really don't understand how they will be able to vote. and, of course, if congress would have done their job, this would have been a non issue. you just have parroted that garbage spewed from your sources on the left in your ' interesting sites' - not too much opposing views there to give balance.

    1. bill, you don't even capitalize your own name so you are not really bill. Since I do not belong to the Tea Party, you, through your derisive statement, have shown you are a liberal and a prejudice to boot.

      Since Obama has decided to sign these Exec Orders on the plane en route to Las Vegas where he addressed those high schoolers, he has shown that the next move is one of allowing those people to vote. You see, Obama is a liar. He told the country 25 times he could not do what he just did. And since he is a liar why would he not say to himself, "golly, I got away with that so now I will bestow voting rights on these people too". You see, it is a natural progression of liberal logic. So, bill, since you are dumber than a post, try harder next time to debate your positions so I don't embarrass you so much. Oh and I will have to boot you if you swear.

    2. bill,

      What did you mean by your remark: "and, of course, if congress would have done their job, this would have been a non issue."?

      What was the job that in your view they failed to do?


    3. bill, 48 hours should be enough time to compose a "Gruber" reply. No matter, we have a good idea what you'd likely write.

      Mostly likely you think that because the house failed to concede to the plan proposed by the Senate and Obummer, they failed in their job. But the recent election proves the opposite. By holding firm and rejecting that plan, voters have fired the Democratic Party and hired the Republican Party to come up with a responsible immigration plan.


  3. The recent mid term elections made only one thing clear. The people voted to purposely restrain Obama. The races were much closer and the outcome unclear until Obama announced he may not be on the ballot, but his policies were. That was the turning point across the amber waves of grain. I believe the public fears an unrestrained Obama more than they like the Republican Party.

  4. bill. If you want balance, go walk over Niagrua Falls. You will not find it on the Fat One's blogs.


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