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Friday, September 26, 2014

Republicans still have the majority in American states. Just not in California. Dang!

I swiped this from Ballotpedia. I guess the left is on the run based on the number of state Legislatures in the hands of Republicans.  New York State is in the process of gerrymandering the Republicans out of the state but it appears even that will not stop the wave coming in November which will add to these totals.  The R's have the majority of the Governorships and the House of Representatives.  Now if they can keep from shooting themselves in the foot, we could see America get back to the real America.

Snapshot of State Legislatures:
Friday, September 26, 2014
There are 7,383 Total State Legislators
Total Democratic state legislators 3,423 (46.4%)
Total Republican state legislators 3,818 (51.7%)
There are 99 Total State Legislative Chambers
Total Democratic Party-controlled chambers 40
Total Republican Party-controlled chambers 58
Total tied or nonpartisan chambers 1
2014 Session Information
Total Special Elections 32
Total Special Sessions 7


  1. Wait till the minorities get the bill for SWPL/SJW largesse. That will be epic.

    On a side note Todd I am forced to notify you that I believe that Curtis Walker made a veiled threat in response to your last post over at jeffys.

    White is no longer the Majority. Ses you post fails on air of levels: Racist, anti feminist and the attitude that will cost dearly when white is right is defeated in more ways than a ballot box.

    What Curtis has planned for Whitey.....well who knows.....I understand he has a few physical limitations (his impetus for backing Measure S I believe) so you should have plenty of time to get out of his way should he attempt to run you down with his Rascal scooter.

    I brought the matter to jeffys attention because I'm just a really super publicly spirited guy.

    1. Thanks fish. I was surprised I was not moderated off as I usually am. Sometimes I just have to respond to foolish comments like Curtis made.

  2. BS! The USA is purple! I'm the FUE and you need to listen to me because I know everything!

    Yes I hate The Union newspaper, yes I post endlessly how it's a pile of crap that will not survive another year, Yes I do read it every day and blog and repost The Union's stories on my blog endlessly, Yes I am a supporter of Jim Firth and yes I hate Keoni Allen and all the other good old boys that won't play with me.

    I'm THE all knowing and all powerful FUE!

  3. Clearly clueless! The folks on the FUE's blog rant about the need to over turn Citizens United, they rant about conservative money buying elections. They need to check the facts as nationally the D's have raised more campaign money so far this year. Why don't these folks talk about the vast amounts of Dem, Lib money going into elections?

    1. Well, I guess because they are total hypocrites. What do you think?

  4. The FUE's rant about PAC's funding, why no comments about Jim Firth and his failed Grass Valley City Council attempt to get elected and his two largest donors which were the Nevada County Democratic Committee he Chairs and a Sacramento union PAC?


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