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Monday, September 1, 2014

British PM David Cameron's Response to Terrorism this morning

I listened to the statement by the British PM this morning on how his country will deal with this worldwide threat.  He discussed Russia, ISIL and Israel specifically.  Then Cameron delved in to the laws that need to be tweaked in order to deal with the homegrown British subjects who have traveled to fight with ISIL in the Middle East.

It is said the scumbag that murdered the journalist last week was a British subject from Pakistan possibly.  His speaking voice and mannerisms apparently gave him away.  Cameron said this morning the laws are going to be tweaked around the edges to deal with these homegrown jihadies.  Stripping them of their passports and other ways to control them in Britain and their re-entry from abroad will be discussed and debated.  Most of these changes seem to be "bi-partisan"

Also, there was discussion about the Israeli response to the HAMAS terrorist missiles and what should be done.  It seems the leftist Labour Party supports condemnation of Israeli responses while the Conservative party supports, for the most part, Israeli counter strikes.  Same as we have here in America!  Overall there seems to b no solutions to the "war" there as the Hamas thugs are just a "terrorist" organization in charge of a "country".  Same as ISIL in Iraq/Syria.  Unless the Palestinian people throw out the Hamas thugs from their government there will never be any peace.  Many will die.  As a side note.  The discussion from the Palestinian supporters focuses on the deaths of children and innocents without mentioning that Hamas uses them as shields. Or that Hamas fires their missiles from schools and hospitals.  Why is that?

Putin and Russia got a lot of airtime too.  But, like America, there is no desire to even supply arms to the Ukrainians.  Sanctions on all things Russia holds dear seems to be the way the west wants to deal with Putin.  Now that Putin actually said "don't mess with a nuke country" or something like that, we see what a megalomaniac and thug he really is. (as if we didn't already). No one wants a war except Putin I guess.  He will push and push just like Hitler and other tyrants have done throughput history.  Until there is a realization that you cannot reason with these people the, the timid west will get what he wants. Maybe a fellow with an umbrella, tipped with a poison?  At a dinner party?

Then Cameron dealt a lot with ISIL throughout the questioning period of the Parliament's meeting.  There is a great desire from both right and left to supply the Kurds with weapons and to help the Iraqi government's military to fight the scourge of these terrorists.  Cameron, like Bush and Obama, made it clear once again that not all Muslims are terrorists and are a peaceful bunch.  Yeah right.  Since the British and other European countries have allowed a huge influx of Muslims into their lands, I suppose they don't want to "rile" them.  What a mistake they made.  Of course America is, or was, a different place.  We expected immigrants to go into the melting pot and become Americans.  It worked in the past but now with "political correctness" run amok, each immigrant group keeps their language and their ghettos so they don't have to mix.  We are going to see the folly of having put voter ballots in many languages come home to roost.  It ill not be a pretty thing.

So, Cameron is walking a tightrope again and of course he praised his support for the airstrikes by America against the terrorist ISIL scum.  I hope the world can somehow come together to stymie these thugs and other tyrants who use the threat of nukes.  If not, the planet will descend into utter chaos and all the great intentions of peace loving people will mean nothing.


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