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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ferguson mess a excellent example of irresponsible reporting and blame

Things are still a mess in the Missouri suburb and it will probably get worse before it gets better.  Reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin incident this incident has become a travesty.  Not only was a young man killed, but the circumstances are muddy and the police there have mismanaged the information in my opinion. 

HERE is the latest info adding to the murkiness.  Apparently there are two eye witnesses from different POV's that say the same thing.  Mr. Brown was rushing towards the policeman rather than the reported "hand up" in surrender.  As I have said before in the Trayvon Martin case, we should all wait for the facts before we pop off with opinions.  Unfortunately this is not human nature in the issues regarding "race" relations.  Too many people too anxious to show how "white" America is racist against everyone else.  Well, maybe not.  Maybe the issue of race is not existent, maybe just the issue of criminal behavior.

White liberals, those lily white saps who are so consumed by racial guilt from 1860 are always prepared.  They look to exploit every opportunity to tell us all how racist we are whenever there is a incident such as this one in Ferguson.  But wait.  What about all those killings by racial groups against white people?  What about blacks killing blacks?  The liberals and the race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson turn a blind eye on "same" race killing because in my view there is no money in it.  Their cynical race baiting to gain notoriety is shameless.  They are not Gandhi.  They really are simply race hustlers and opportunists to keep the pot boiling in hate.

What I don't understand is why the lamestream media allows themselves to be a tool for this disinformation and hate.  We all need the facts and we need the investigations to be done before we throw stones.  I am sorry that Mr. Brown was killed but why is that a reason for his fellow black Americans to riot and burn their own stores?  Now their is an attempt to keep that from happening by a police presence greater than before.  People in these communities need to have their local leaders step up and help calm the situation down. 

Al Sharpton and the other race hustlers need to stay away from these volatile places until calm returns.  The streets of Chicago demand their presence to get the black men killing black men reduced.  Go to those place Al and Jessee.  Help those people. 

So I will wait until the facts are released and analyzed so that I will hopefully have a better idea of what happened.  There is enough blame to go around and in the end, we should all push for the truth and justice.


  1. A few preliminary observations based on known facts….

    Officer comes across two men walking in the roadway and orders them to the sidewalk. Had the officer ignored them and passed by, and they ended up getting ran over, the parents would have sued the police for not taking action to “protect” the young men.

    The officer had no idea one or both were involved in a strong-arm robbery 10 minutes earlier, but the two young men did. That could help explain why there was a physical confrontation. It is common for those with a ‘consciousness of guilt’ to react strongly when confronted by police. They may have thought they were about to get busted for the robbery and quickly developed a resistive attitude to the officer’s verbal commands.

    While we have not seen any photos of the officer’s “swollen face” at the hospital, there was obviously a physical confrontation. Facing off with a 6’4”, 230 pound hostile male can be cause for concern to any officer.

    We just don’t have all the facts yet, and until we do, we have to assume the officer just didn’t pull up, exit his patrol vehicle and start shooting. That just does not seem possible, but that is what some of the protesters want us to believe. Thus, their credibility is highly questionable, especially in light of the fact that they did not witnesses the killing.

    As is normal, actual eyewitness accounts differ a great deal, thus the need to wait for the final reports to be released by all the agencies involved in the investigation.

    1. Excellent Mike Sherman. Wait for the facts and then make a decision. What a novel idea.


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