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Monday, August 11, 2014

D'Sousa vs Ayers at Dartmouth on C-SPAN Today

Dinesh D'Sousa
William Ayers, "former" terrorist

  HERE is the full two hours if you want to spend the time.  And you should.  I watched the last part and listened to the questions.  My goodness what have we allowed to be taught to our kids?  The questions were asked in all seriousness by the mind full of mush being "taught" or "educated" at the Ivy League school.  After listening to these young people's views I had to go take a shower to get rid of the crap they have spewed from their brains.  The professors who "teach" them should be denied tenure and then fired.

The debate was actually a good example of how screwed up America's education system has become.  Inviting a cop killer, a mad bomber of his own countrymen, Ayers.  Of course after his career as a mad bomber Weather Underground scumbag, he was given a degree and allowed to teach our country's kids.  Listen to how and what he says about America as a person of privilege.  Then listen to D'Sousa as an immigrant from Mumbai, India and now a very accomplished man here.  If you walk away from this "debate" and don't want to kick Ayers ass back to Cambodia, then you are not a real America patriot.  D'Sousa is very grateful to be an American and speaks nothing but praise of our country.

The questions by the "students" was varied and except for a couple of people (one older fellow took Ayers to task) the "students" did not much care for America and D'Sousa was their target.  They are taught to rip to shreds all that might be good and turn that into negative indictments on everything from the Founders to claiming we are imperialists and supporters of apartheid.  One Korean "student", from the South of course, excoriated the D'Sousa claim of American "exceptionalism" and that we are a truly good people.  She made me almost throw a rock at my TV.  Here she was being given an Ivy League "education" and she has no problem condemning the country.  I though to myself, you bitch, what about the 54,000 dead American boys that kept you from being overrun and now governed by a lunatic?  How could you even say what you are saying?  Then I said, OH!  She is in a free country with free speech and she can says these terrible things.  I think personally she should go back to Korea and try to enter the North.  Then after a few years bring her back to the debate circuit. 

Ayers was too much.  Here he was in the education "business", the "big" education business and all he could do was complain about big business.  My goodness, on a per capita basis, his job consumes hundreds of billions of our precious dollars every year and look what he turns out!  Imbeciles and ingrates!  But, I have to say there was not overwhelming applause for Ayers or D'Sousa because I truly think the audience was too young to truly understand what they were hearing from the dais.  People need to be out in the real world for a while to truly understand what America is really about.  They need to work and pay taxes, build a home (permits make one learn about over-regulation right away) and then they can sit down and listen.

I know two hours is a long time to listen but I suggest if you truly want to see why Bill Ayers is such a pig, watch and listen carefully. Remeber, Obama started his campaign for President in Ayers living room in Chicago.   D'Sousa, as usual is a truly amazing man with a great brain and a good heart.  Enjoy!


  1. Only political nerds watch CSPAN! LOL! Next time text me when a good program is on!

    1. I just love debates! The BBC does them too sometimes. But you are right, I am a political nerd. I will try to call you when I am aware of some more.

  2. Well if you two nerds enjoy debate I'm sure that you appreciate literature as well. It seems that your local gadfly is writing a book ….

    My book about our western County should be titled “State of Jefferson.”

    This after his last blockbuster, "I Beat Anorexia", The Jeff Pelline Story

    …. soon to be a major motion picture.

    1. LOL!

      I guess a new arrival flat lander from Marin will tell us all we need to know about ourselves. Too funny!

    The Nevada County Board of Supervisors conservative majority is consistently making decisions at odds with conservative principles of limited government, individual freedom, and fiscal responsibility. Three recent examples of “big-government” overreach will suffice to illustrate.
    The first instance is the proposed outdoor events ordinance. This proposed new regulation was put in motion to suppress nuisances - but it is so overreaching that it will impact the livelihoods of many local businesses to the tune of $15 million dollars or more, according to the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce. Rather than make rules that address specific problems like loud noises, fire safety, or late gatherings, the Board is forcing another big government ordinance onto small venues as a first reaction. Little thought was given to financial impacts on local entrepreneurs – possibly because most of the supervisors making this decision live mainly on career salaries and retirements paid for by taxpayers. Only a popular revolt by local business leaders delayed a final vote long enough for supervisors ponder the effect on the private sector.
    The second instance of government excess is the so-called ‘emergency’ medical marijuana ordinance that the County acknowledged was flawed when they passed the measure two years ago. In this case, the Board’s reasoning is that their ordinance promotes law and order, when in fact the reverse is the case. Harassing small medical marijuana growers with impossible conditions makes room for large illegal growers to flourish. It has taken eleven thousand registered voters signing a petition to place Measure S on the ballot to redress for this counterproductive overreach.
    The third instance contrary to conservative principles is an attack on property rights. The county’s dismissive attitude toward the concerns of two Penn Valley homeowners about having to live next to a large new cellular tower has resulted in another costly lawsuit. Judge Sean Dowling found the Board’s actions “as troubling as they are improper.” Another aspect of this legal aggression caused the same judge to state that county requirements are “unconstitutionally vague and impossible to enforce.”
    It appears from these three examples that conservative principle is exactly what is missing with the current board majority, which is backed by the local Republican Party. Evidently, the concepts of limited government, individual freedom, and fiscal responsibility are less important to local Party leaders than supporting the ‘bully boys’ they helped put in office.
    It is time for rank-and-file Nevada County Republicans (not to mention Tea Party and Libertarian forces) to “vote the rascals out” and replace them with more genuinely conservative candidates. The current supervisors stand squarely for intrusive, nanny-state government. It’s time to elect people who actually believe – and practice – the idea of limited government.

    Don Nelson


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