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Monday, August 25, 2014

America? I almost don't recognize it.

Are we all tired of the negativity?  Where does the negativity come from?  Why are we allowing the negative people so much airtime?  Is America a distant memory?  How did we get to this place?  These are a few of the questions I have and as I get around chatting with others, they too are asking these questions.

Pollyanna?  Where did she go?  America was a place people wanted to come and spread their wings.  Those that lived in the country could try just about anything (legally) to see what new idea, invention or theory could become a new lifestyle or paradigm.  The world was in motion and Americans were in the lead, showing the rest of the earth's people the shining light of progress for humans.  Then over time things started to change.  We have become the leaders in things  I don't think anyone had a clue about forty years ago.  More laws, more regulations, greater interference by government at all levels.  The government now takes more of out money than we "get" to keep.

In my view, we allowed these changes over time because we were giving the benefit of the doubt to those we elected to guide us.  We allowed these things to happen because our press and our education systems have been polluted by those with agenda's anathema to freedom.  Populated by those radicals from the 60's.  The left is patient because usually their lifestyles are paid for by others while conservatives are out creating the work, the jobs and the money.  Conservatives were not paying attention because they were making America a wonderful place for people and things.  Out of the cave and into the light.  "Progressives" are far from that way of life. They want to control others in some megalomaniac way.  Every human foible needs to be controlled and allowed only if they say it should be so.  The left has ratcheted down human freedoms so much that every American breaks some law as soon as the arise from the bed in the morning.

We are all looking over our shoulders because we are not sure who is watching or listening.  Even when you say the right thing the left has now made it uncertain what the definition of "right and wrong" are.  President Clinton gave language and definitions  a real blow (no pun intended) when he said it depends on what the definition of IS is.  And the definition of what SEX is.  He led the way for a oral revolution and I don't mean a talking one.  But that is what has happened.  George Orwell knew that the meaning of words was important.  We have seen the manipulation of the meanings of words on a daily basis most of my life.  "Gay Nineties"!  What does that mean now?  Revenue enhancements, investments and "we have to pay for" cuts in government spending?  Multiply these a hundred or thousand times and it is no wonder we are so confused. Profit is bad, business is bad, capital;ism is bad.  Unions are good, poverty is good, sitting home on paid leave is good. Productivity is bad, on and on.

Last year at the federal level we saw 80,000 pages entered into the Federal Register and become law.  This along with legitimately passed laws by the Congress, signed by the President,  ratchet Americans freedoms down more and more (ObamaCare anyone?).  Then we have the State laws and local laws.  Special Districts, Fire Departments, Mosquito Districts and Water purveyors.  Yikes!  Of course they always tell us it is for our own good and the safety of the "people".  But is it?  Then it seems to me that with each new rule or law the government creates a new constituency that has to be fed.  Then when we try to change it all hell breaks loose.  They vote, right? The ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act signed into law by President George H.W. Bush (he has a disabled daughter I think I recall) became a huge multi trillion dollar expense on all parts of American life.  It allows a person to sue and get damages from a business or other entity for non compliance.  The unintended consequences of that law came alive in that attorneys in wheel chairs have extorted millions just in California  and caused businesses to close and people to lose their jobs.  But hey, good intentions pave the road the hell right?

We need to take a breather in America.  We need a moratorium on new laws and regulations.  We need to review those on the books for veracity.  We need to weigh these "good intentions" with the Constitution and we need make sure their intent is to increase freedom.  We need to force the Legislators to read and sign off they did so on every bill.  No regulations are allowed unless the Legislature reads and signs off on them.  We are drowning as a country and the wheels of freedom and creativity are grinding to a halt.

Previously in my analysis of American ingenuity I was always encouraged by the people's ability to adjust.  I mean when a law is passed and regulations was imposed, creative people could figure out how to make things work.  But now that is less and less likely.  All these rules have stymied people at all levels.  Hell, little kids have to get permits to sell lemonade!  So let us take a couple of years and give the people of America a break.  We want the government to protect us from the bad guys but I don't need them to force me to put a certain light bulb in the socket.  Let's get back to what made this country a special and unique place.  FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT OVERREACH!.

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