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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nevada rancher treated worse than Islamic Terrorists

What has America come to?  I am shocked and dismayed that our federal government would act no better than a lawless rogue regime that would be better fit in Zimbabwe.  My goodness, tasering fellow citizens?  Snipers on the surrounding ridges, scopes trained on women and children?  Stealing a man's cattle and property without due process?  Turtles protected by an onerous law called the Endangered Species Act?  How did it come to this in the outback of America? (Coming soon to you everywhere)

HERE is a article on from today and thank goodness for FOX News and Sean Hannitty.  They exposed this rotten episode of government power and were relentless in following the story.  If FOX had not done the story, it is unlikely the Lamestream Media would.  They love Obama so much it would be apostasy for them to portray these incidents in a bad light.  Can't make the Administration look bad.  I lived this kind of "non-exposure" from the press many years ago.  Usually these "Sagebrush Rebellion" stories are never reported.  Well, unless the Fed kills men women and children as they did in Waco and Ruby Ridge.  Even then the press was so lazy they bought the feds line that those little infants burned to death at Waco were a threat.

There have been many outrages perpetrated by the Feds under different laws.  These laws in the beginning were somewhat fair and were meant to protect things like the environment (same for CEQA in California).  But not now.  After the "Delhi Sand Fly" fiasco in Riverside County, we all got to see how far this ludicrous interpretation by bureaucrats has taken our country.  Wetlands are now a three foot ditch on a property, wholly within the borders of one state, yet a property owner must get a "404" permit (or worse) and pay an extortion to the Feds for disturbing the ditch.  I was told I had to pay $150,000 for disturbing a total of 1/3 acres of ditch!  (This is a prima facia abuse of the Commerce Clause)

What we see is a disregard for the Constitution of our country by the very people who take an oath to uphold it.  We see the results of Lawmakers passing laws and telling the bureaucrats to fill in the blanks with the regulations.  We see the misuse of our "public" lands and the utter stupidity of managing them.  Forest fires galore, no use of the natural resources on these lands which keep America strong and less dependent (from extortion) on other countries.  Treating people with vested rights to occupy and use lands historically created before these stupid regulations. 

Environmental groups that get tax dollars to come up with ways to throw us all off the public lands must end (maybe it would if they were conservatie).  And they are so-called "non-profits!".  Just look locally in California at the "suction dredging" issue to see the damage these "eco" grant sucking pigs accomplish.  But hey, unless we have our legislators stop handing out the goodies you will see more and more of this.

There used to be a lot of groups that banded together years ago that came to be called the "Wiseuse Movement".  It was composed of people (and groups)  who utilized the "public" lands under leases or contracts and who also recreated on them.  I attended a couple of the conventions in Sparks twenty years ago.  I listened then to the stories of people wrongly prosecuted for grazing or mining or timber harvesting.  And the non renewal for generational homes and inholders.  They were from all over the Western States.  We all banded together to get our message out that all Americans rights were in jeopardy if the government could do what they were doing unfettered.  We see the results of the Legislators and Executives across America not caring.  Why isn't Congress cutting the money off to the BLM, ESA, Army Corp Divisions and the rest of the alphabet agencies?  How is it there is no justice?  Well, if a little American property owner fights, he gets to take on a government system with a unlimited pocketbook! Any takers?

The Congress must do something.  The State Legislature must do something.  When we hear the old liberal cry about the execution of "one innocent man by the government then all should go free", (or something like that) where are they here?  Of course, they do not believe in property rights until they are affected so it is unlikely they would appear and march with the ranchers in Nevada (bring Mumia there and see what happens).  But, when there is no justice for little people like the Nevada ranchers, the miners, the horseback riders and the mountain bikers, maybe someone other than FOX will pay attention.

America needs to return to sanity regarding who is really the government.  We must set up a process for regular American to fight the overreach of the government agencies without bankrupting those people.  Due process means something but there is none if the government can stretch their rules indefinitely.  Bureaucrats sit behind the desks and get paid.  The rancher has to raise and sell his cattle to survive or he fails.  It is unbalanced.  Perhaps the bureaucrats making these rules and allegations should be held personally liable.  Maybe if they have the "dog in the fight" personally we would see a lot less abuse of Americans.

If the BLM wants to help America, send those well armed agents over to Afghanistan to protect the people we want to be like us.  But apparently the Afghans have more rights to use land than Americans. Opium growers anyone?

Lastly,  I have researched the paperwork and contracts used to admit California into the Union in 1850.  I cannot seem to find the Federal Government's legal right to California lands.  If anyone has a copy of that please send it to me.  Otherwise, the independent Republic of California was screwed out of millions of their own lands.


  1. Watching KCRA this morning they reported the "back off" of the Feds. They described the cops as "BLM Rangers". Does anyone know about this? How has this come to be? Perhaps they, the BLM Rangers, should visit SBC offices to give those tax "suckers" a taste?

  2. jeffy....trying to work his bunnies into a lather over Agenda 21.......all the way up to seven comments this fine morning.


    1. The Agenda 21 deniers like Pelline, Frisch and MichaelA are just afraid they are lemmings now. Deny deny deny.

    2. Todd, I challenge you to show me one single piece of legislation coming out of the NC board of supes in the past 20 years that had anything to do with Agenda 21.

    3. Well, let me perysuse my memory. Hmmm. I got it! The General Plan!

    4. What's the latest on the County's General Plan revisions? -JG

    5. Have notheard. I do know the Planning Department is two years behind on a mining application though. Same old crap, no jobs.

  3. Oh right, I forgot. Black helicopters and blue helmets. Never mind.

  4. "thank goodness for FOX News and Sean Hannitty"
    My thoughts exactly Todd, I'm so glad Sean and Faux embraced Cliven Bundy to take up his cause and show American what a great hero Bundy is to the modern day Republican/Tea Party conservative cause. LMFAO!!!!!


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