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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza, author and filmmaker target of wrongful prosecution by he FBI and President Obama

File:Dinesh D'Souza.jpgDinesh D'Souza is taking the brunt of a nasty form of political retribution by the Obama/Holder FBI.  They are claiming he did something wrong about political donations but we all know it is political persecution don't we?  He has been targeted for all this because he made a movie about Barack Obama and I guess Obama and his pals did not like it too much. HERE is D'Souza's Facebook link.

This is supposed to be a free country where even the President can be criticized and the American doing the criticism need not be afraid of becoming a target.  But this Administration (Nixon's enemies list anyone?) is different and Americans of all political stripes should be concerned.  A democrat operative did the same exact thing D'Sousa has done and was given a pat on the head and told "don't do that again" you bad little boy.  But the Holder FBI is threatening jail-time for this brave and brilliant man.

I was always impressed with D'Sousa's smarts.  I watched him debate many times. Famously on religion with the late atheist Christopher Hitchens.  I think he is one of the foremost thinkers of the planer regarding freedom and religion.  I suppose our new "Gestapo", the Holder led FBI, directed by the thin skinned President, does not like dissent and transparency.  Why of all people in the USA would they choose this man?  He is well liked by millions and his writings and musings are intellectually correct and agreed with by many.  I suppose the Obama Administration must "cutoff the head" of the creature (conservatism) to kill the opposition.  Sound familiar?  This was a favorite thing in any "authoritarian" country over my lifetime.

Four US Senators have sent a letter asking the FBI to please explain their methods in pursuing people like D'Souza in the political campaign venue.  HERE is a copy of the letter from Sessions, Grassley, Lee and Cruz.  Thank goodness these men are standing up at this high political level for this brave man.

HERE is the New York Times story on the allegations by the FBI against D'Sousa. What I find interesting is Al Gore, candidate for Vice President did the same thing but in my view even worse when he funneled money through a Buddhist  Nuns organization whose credo is of poverty!  But, nothing there when it is a democrat.  How about Charlie Tree? Of course Obama brought in millions of "bundled" dollars from unidentified people.  Many are alleged to be from foreign countries.  But nothing there, move along now. Thank goodness for the "Citizen's United" SCOTUS decision.  At least the Koch Brothers are American donors.

So it has come to this.  All one needs to do is watch the current news around the world and see the results of this kind of government thuggery on the people.  Shut the opposition up!  We see now in the Ukraine, Burma, Thailand and Venezuela what happens when a government treats its dissenters badly.  America needs to stand up and tell Obama and Holder NO!  You cannot squelch the opposition by using the FBI, the IRS and now the FCC to intimidate.  We will have none of this.

Dinesh deserves our support and diligence so he can be protected from the jack boots.  Send a letter to your Senators and the President and tell them NO!


  1. Thanks Todd. We saw his movie. It was interesting, and I wondered at the time if he wouldn't become a target for retribution. The hypocracy and downright thuggery of the democrat party should be obvious to everyone. Thanks for the article and links. BMW

    1. Thanks BMW. We must not let thuggery stand in our country. When they try to silence people like Dinex, we must rse up and say NO!

  2. I see that nut Ed Peritz is at it again. He cracks me up!


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