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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sierrea Business Council's 2011 990 is truly amazing, or why non-profits such as this should be banned

Since the IRS was delaying or refusing Tea Party and other conservative non-profits from getting their 501 C3's, I thought I would go look at one from the left and see what they actually do for the taxpayers under their non-profit status.  Well the SBC tax return begs so many questions in the collection and use of our money that I decided to ask some questions of the man in charge, Steven Frisch.  He was once an owner of Passages Restaurant in Truckee California and it ended up owing around $250,000 in tax liabilities and numerous state, federal and local county liens.  I am not making any connections with the non payment he failed to  made on employee taxes he withheld.  I am simply asking a few questions generated from the 2011 SBC return.  I have more questions but I will ask them later.  I am awaiting the 2012 return which will be due in a short while. THE HEADER ABOVE IS THE LINK TO THE TAX RETURN

El Dorado Management Group was paid $108,000 by SBC for Professional Services in 2011.  What did they do for SBC?

Page 8, Line 1e shows $713,000 in government grantsLet us see the list of where the money came from.

Line 2a shows $623,568 called "fee for service", what is that and where is the list of recipients for that money?

Part Nine line g  says Other $586,618. Where is the list of recipients for this money?

Part Nine Line 24d says  EASEMENTS 12,000.  Yet you claimed SBC had no easements.  Please explain.

Part 2, Section C- Line 14 says SBC is 98.3% public funding.  Please explain how you cam claim you do not or are not a taxpayer liability.

Part 2B, line g says SBC spent $1,244 on direct contact with elected officials etal.  Please tell us who SBC met with and what was the topic and the results.

 My guess is these questions will not be answered and the public and the taxpayers will once again be hornswoggled about their money.



  1. Yes... VARY interesting.
    So Steve, Feel a tad bit like Mitt Romney?
    Except where Mitt was concerned, someone within
    the IRS gladly forked over his records to Dirty Harry. It evident that the IRS needs to give you closer scrutiny. They have been way too busy screwing with the Tea Party. With any luck, SBC will be getting an audit real soon.

    1. Good points Walt. The difference between Romney and SBC is also this, Romney paid taxes, SBC doesn't. So SBC types are a double whammy on the taxpayer and our country.


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