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Monday, April 8, 2013

Deb Fischer, US Senator, the Next Generation of Conservatives the hell happened to that "war" on women the liberal saps tried to foist on us?  Seems it might have worked with the moron "single woman" voter, but the intelligent women of America tossed it into the trash.  Instead of a war, we conservatives waged peace.  We elected some more intelligent women to office across America and in 2012, Nebraska voters sent Deb Fischer to the US Senate. She defeated the left's Bob Kerry 58-42. HERE is her campaign website

I was watching C-SPAN again today as I recuperate and there she was.  She was giving her first Senate Floor Speech!  I caught the tail end of the speech but I was not disappointed.  She is a conservative and I bet the Tea Party is her pal.  She is from "flyover" country.  Right there in the middle of the two liberals coastal shores of America.  I was impressed.

Her best line that I heard was "The bigger the government the smaller the individual".  How right on is that?  She espoused smaller government less intrusion, lower spending and lower taxes.  My kind of conservative.  Best of all, she is young and hopefully she will inspire others to run and take back our country from the usurpers. Less regulation, less spending.  Those two things if implemented will put America back on track to prosperity.  After the "jobs" report of 88,000 (and 650,000 dropping out), our country is in deep shit.  Unfortunately we have to suffer through another four years of Obama and at least two in the US Senate.  I think we will hold the House in 2014 and so retain at least a loyal opposition to further tyranny.

Deb Fischer seems like a good contrast to Hillary Clinton.  Clinton is yesterday's lettuce, (thanks Pelline) and too old in my view.  She needs to go home and make Bill do the dishes after dinner every night.  Fischer and the other "up and comers" in the R party will be taking control.  I think America will be sick of the Clinton's and Joe (personal tightwad) Biden (he will take no paycut) and keep them from power.  America is resilient but these liberals keep undermining the place.  Once the mainstream stenographers of the left finally wake up and realize they will be the first people against the wall when the left prevails, perhaps America will also wake up.

So, listen to this new, soft spoken woman from the middle of America and you will hear the words of a return to greatness for America.  Go Deb Fischer!

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  1. Fischer appears just as old as Hillary- only 4 years younger. "Next Generation" at age 62 is funny. She may be Senator from NE for a long time, but she isn't reflective of America's changing demographics. Get out of your closed shell and look at the face of America in 2013. Or just look at the results of the 2012 national election!


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