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Thursday, November 15, 2012

John, Doug and Moi August 18, 2012

I wrote about the gathering in a prior post.  This was a great day.  I got to meet Speaker John Boehner and many other people that day.  Election day November 6 saw Boehner re-elected from his Ohio District (Obama forgot to send him his free phone) and Doug LaMalfa from ours.  They will work hard to bring Aerica back from the brink and whatever I can do to help I will do.

The half of America who voted for Obama are now forming a new party.  The Moron Party.  Only in America do they have the ability to achieve the "peter principle" in the flesh of the President of the USA. 

So the Moron Party has a slight edge in the vote totals today but we will return with the smart folks another time.

Good luck John and Doug, go getum.


  1. Nice to see you so happy Todd. How much did that photo cost you?

    1. The donation was 125 I think. It was a great day.


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