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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Primaries are soooo fun! LaMalfa is my candidate!

I read the paper today and there was a story about the contest between Doug LaMalfa and Sam Aanestad for the open US House seat.  There are other candidates but in my opinion Doug and Sam are the most serious.  Now it is well known I support Doug for the position and it has nothing to do with anything else but who I think will do the best job in DC.  Nothing personal at all.  But as usual in any primary almost anywhere in America, the frontrunners (or perceived) get into it.  The person who thinks they are behind usually attacks the frontrunner as identified by the press, money raised or through polling.

I have always thought the primary process was the ground people fight over to prove they have a backbone for the fight.  Hell, if people can't take the heat in the primary how will they be able to stave off the lkes of Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi?  So as we all saw in the Presidential primaries and even up to our own June 5 primary here in California, we have got to see the smack-downs of the candidates on each other.  The result at the Presidential primary is the last man standing, Mitt Romney, has shown the stones to outlast all the crap thrown at him.  My goodness, we heard and saw all kinds of slights and misrepresentations of his life in private and politics.  But there he is, the fellow I supported is now the nominee.  He survived the slings and arrows of his own party's candidates.  That is what it is all about.

So, locally we have the Aanestad campaign, 20 days before the primary, alleging some sort of bwrongdoing ny the LaMalfa campaign and to me this is simply "standard operating procedure".  All to get a leg up and some free press.  Seen it before.  I was the subject of a series of whisper campaigns about me and my family at the local Supervisor level and it didn't work.  I saw a Assembly candidate claim Bernie Richter was a purveyor of porn because he rented movies with an "R" rating from his video store in 1992.  That didn't work either because Bernie won.  But it always happens.  What I have learned about these late claims by an opponent is they  know they are behind and need a boost.  So these claims abound.

Usually they don't work since the people who vote are so callus to any claim by any candidate as simply "politics".  It is a double edged sword for those that make the allegations.  Some will say stop whining, toughen up and discuss the issues.  Others will yawn and go back to sleep and disregard it as SOP in politics.

Doug LaMalfa is my guy, he is a local fellow and a farmer.  I have gotten to know hm and I have nothing but respect for hm and his opinions.  He is a conservative man and in my humble opinion, he will be the top vote getter on June 5.  Don't forget to vote.


  1. Todd:

    Not alleged is a fact

  2. BArry, I totally understand but most voters will not care. Hell, I had the facts a Assessor candiadate opponent was paying off a contract employee in the office for software development and the person owed the candidate 100k. He got elected! Of course after a while the Grand Jury came after him and he boofgied but the damage was the voter could give a crap. Good luck Barry, you are a good guy.


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