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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pot Ordinance and NH2020, both sides of the same coin?

The Board of Supervisors passed a urgency ordinance as well as the regular ordinance to implement a marijuana grow set of rules for the unincorporated area of Nevada County.  Both passed 4-1 according to the Union Newspaper. It appears there was a large PO'd crowd at the hearing.

I have written before about the MJ issue and it does cause people like me some confusion in regards to the issue of property rights.  California voters (over my NO vote) did allow MJ use for medical purposes but the devil was in the details and the devil was missing.  Every single legal jurisdiction in California apparently can form and pass their own set of rules in the use of MJ for medical uses.  But as is usually the case with those wily Americans, people figured out how to read the laws to grow a lot more than the personal use provisions in the original Proposition.

Sort of like the reality of all those people who built structures on their property before the 49er Fire.  After the fire (and I was in a helicopter during and after to view the thing) there were hundreds of structures exposed and most had never been permitted!  I have a lot of sympathy for many of those people who thumbed their nose at the onerous permitting process.  Sort of to me the ultimate right to do with your property what you want as long as you don't harm your neighbors.

Anyway, over the years as a Supervisor I was a property rights proponent and a less government person.  When we had hearings though for things like "K" Housing and other commercial projects, the left would turn out and demand we not allow the use of the private property for whatever purpose. I call that the tyranny of zoning.   Hell, I was on the side of the people on the "K" Housing issue and they still called me a Nazi!  I think the counter-culture folks protesting the projects or proposed rules were simply anti, THE MAN.  So it mattered not to them they were exhibiting anti property rights for others.

Then along came NH2020 and the ox being gored was just about every other landowner in Nevada County.  Many people said NH2020 was a arm of Agenda 21 and the reason it was being proposed was t control private property, over and above zoning and general plan laws by doing biological inventories of every square inch of our county (warrantless searches too).  This was not acceptable and the regular folks, the tax paying landowner, the rock solid landowners and people who normally are the silent majority, rose up to stop the travesty of NH2020.

The people who generally turned out to support NH2020 in my view had no idea they were supporting a intrusive set of laws and policies on their own land.  It was only to be  done on THOSE people's land.  It was OK as long as they deluded themselves in that view.  I was always a supporter of those rights but the eco nuts and counter culture types attacked people like me as rampant growth, pave over the county types.  Well, of course I was looking out for their landuse rights but they were too partisan to see that.

Now we see the same people so willing to pass rules on the "silent majority" landowners screaming to high heaven about the new MJ ordinances.  Since I am mainly a libertarian in the issues of property rights, I probably agree with the growers (at least the ones not abusing the "medical" side of the issue) that maybe property rights are being imposed on here.  Sure the people that abused the Proposition should be reigned in.  Usually a few bad  people are the reason a law gets passed.  The bulk of the people growing MJ for personal use probably don't abuse the law or become a nuisance to their neighbors yet they will be affected.  Ironically for me I had a friend who grew indoors a little MJ for his medical needs and this person was a dyed in the wool conservative!  It kind of softened me to the medical side of MJ.

So here we are, all those people ready to shove more laws and rules under NH2020 down the throats of landowners are now PO'd because they see the property rights they possess perhaps being impugned.  I guess what goes around comes around?  When those folks turned out to stop a mine, a K-Mart, at shopping center or a subdivision, My guess is they never thought for a moment the "government" would do the same thing to them. 

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  1. How well I remember the "do as I say, not what I do" people and their double standard they don't seem to notice. Thanks Todd


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