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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Minority groups, just shut up! Voter ID, what is the problem?

I was watching a bit of a live conference this morning  put on by the Congressional Black Caucus and  the Conference of National Black Churches and the topic was voter ID.  I listened to these people whine and complain about the issue of producing a ID so voter fraud would be a bit harder to achieve.  It was the same old crap by a bunch of people who think the "evil" white male is out to screw them over. HERE is the CSPAN story and video. 

Of course they did not come right out and say that but after they went through the list of affected groups, by default the only one they left out was "white males".  During the presentation by some babe from the ACLU about felons voting, I knew we were going to get some heart wrenching pleas for those rapists and murderers and drug dealers at and around our schools  being denied the vote.  It was not disappointing.  I did find out though that Maine and Vermont are the only two states that allow felons to vote right from the clink!  All the other 55 states don't allow a inmate to vote and many if not most don't allow ex-felons to vote after they served their time.  This was apparently a fact since the Revolutionary War.

Well, the babe from the ACLU was crying about how the 5.5 million people, mostly men and disproportionately black and Hispanic do not get to cast their vote.  Oh my, it just breaks my heart that the local murderer or rapist can't cast their intelligent vote for some liberal sap who wants to rehab them on our dime.  Wah wah wah!  America is under assault by these people.  Why would we want the local felons to be picking the representatives for the regular law abiding people?  The left wants them to vote because they might make the difference in a close race and GOD knows those rapists and killers would undoubtedly vote for the democrat. 

America is better than this and I am personally sick and tired of these people accusing the people who have a lighter skin color of being some sort of "devil"  Hell, Louie Farrakhan calls them "white devils" and I have never owned any other human being.  Neither did my parents, grandparents or any other Juvinall in the long history of the family.  So, hopefully I am not the only "white skinned" person who is fed up with all this hysteria and paranoia.  I am a true believer that anyone who wants to become an American, legally, should be able to apply.  I am personally not prejudice against any group, except maybe felons, and want all Americans to succeed.  So, you race baiters and haters, just SHUT UP!

If you want to be successful here in America, just work hard, play by the rules and stop blaming others for whatever ails you.  Take responsibility for yourself and lastly, produce a damn photo ID so we know you are OK to cast a vote. Sheesh!


  1. Leave it to the former CEO of fraud-ridden Columbia/HCA, now far-right FL Governor to do something like this-

    An Army World War II Veteran, who was awarded the Bronze Star as a medic in the Battle of the Bulge and honored by France with its Chevalier Legion of Honour, received another distinction from the State of Florida. Ninety-one year old Bill Internicola, the Stars and Stripes reports, got a letter recently that purged him from the voter rolls. It stated:
    “The Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office has received information from the state of Florida that you are not a United States citizen; however you are registered to vote.’’
    Florida is a vital swing state in this year’s presidential election. The WWII Veteran participated in a news conference hoping to demonstrate flaws in the state’s effort to purge voter rolls prior to the election.

    “I never had any trouble. I voted here for the last 15 years,” Internicola told freelance reporter Patricia Sagastume. “ To me, it’s like an insult.”

  2. Agreed. And I too come from a long line of serfs who were owned as chattel by their German, Swedish, and Russian lords for more centuries than any blacks on this continent. And yet my ancestors prevailed through their own efforts against all odds to maintain their culture and demonstrated self-worth, even though kicked in the groin again, and left to suffer more generations under modern dictators.

    So please, spare me the 'my ancestors suffered more than yours' Section 8 song and dance. And my people were not the only ones who survived their own brutal history, many besides the blacks came to these shores from such backgrounds.

  3. OK, just so we all know its acceptable to many to scare to death a 91 year, Battle of the Bulge hero. No problem.

  4. FL. is trying to purge their voter roles of non resident voters and guess who
    is up in arms about that? You guessed it... The DOJ.

  5. Yeah Walt, the DOJ informed them that the Governor is violating Federal Law by its approach. Nothing new for Rick Scott, the former CEO of Columbia/HCA, which was fined over a BILLION dollars for committing Medicare Fraud while he was at the helm. He's a lawless thug. The DOJ is late to the game, but absolutely correct.

    1. Those darn Floridians. Hiring that thug Scott. What a hoot, you libs are too funny!

    2. Yup, and now most Floridians realize what a bad decision that was. One termer. When you violate Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, when your state is required by Federal Law to take special steps in protecting said right (due to its discrminatory votting history), when your Sec of State- Mr. Browning-resigns over the Governor's illegal act- when he warned him not to do that- you generally don't win re-election. And now Scott is toast, and now the voter purging will stop. Thank you Eric Holder, better late than never. People are disgusted when 91 yr. old American WWII veterans have to prove their citizenship.

    3. Rick Scott vs. the US DOJ. hmm. Gee whiz, I wonder who's going to come out on top in this battle? Next couple of weeks, the illegal voter purge will be all over. Baldy Scott should already be behind bars right now for the 1.7 BILLION dollars in Medicare Fraud his former company was fined for while he was CEO. But today, even Rick Scott and his toadies want to stay out of jail, one would think. But hey, check out US V. Haines to see if the DOJ plays around with voter suppression?

    4. Sounds like you have a personal problem.

    5. Don't think you will like the end result in FL. But am curious as to why you threw that strange personal attack in there.

    6. How can I throw in a personal attack to anonymous? What a hoot! If you listed your real name then it would be a personal attack I guess?

  6. I guess taking names off the voting roles that don't belong
    there is against LIB law. That's why LIBS love to give illegals drivers licences
    in states with the motor/voter laws. ( you do know what those are,? right?)
    To the uninformed LIB,, That is where you get automatically registered to vote
    when you get your drivers licence.
    LIBS need the fraud votes to win these days. Yup, taking dead people of the roles
    is also a crime in the LIB handbook.
    Richard Nixon said it quit well when he lost to kennedy. " He stole the election fare and square". So get out there and vote early,, and often.

    The DOJ will only sue when Conservative states try and bring back honor to the voting system.
    Too damned bad that Holder couldn't rig the system in Wisconsin. Right,, LIB?

    1. Walt, sorry about FL pal. Facts are facts, and the lawless Ricky Scott violated the law. End of story.

    2. Ya, too bad LIBS can't vote " Union poll" style. ( even though they try) How many LIBS have been convicted for voter fraud stacking the deck in Obama's favor? Four or five in MO. alone.
      LIBS have never liked to play by the rules. Hell they even break their own when they need too. ( Facts are facts as you say)

    3. Is there a reason you put LIBS in all caps? Is LIBS supposed to be a bad word? LOL.

    4. BTW, Since you like to speak so highly of the DOJ,,,
      Holder and crew have no regard for holding up the law.
      Holder didn't prosecute the Black Panthers for their
      voter intimidation, ( forget his words on that? " my people")
      And of course fast and furious. ( contempt of Congress is now in play)
      Now his job is to keep as many fraudulent votes in play from AZ. to FL. Yup,,, facts are facts,,,
      LIBs are always in CAPS...Have to help with that poor eye sight LIBS have. See who they vote for?
      With any luck Ed Schultz will be right for a change. " Not one LIB PROGRESSIVE will be voted into office in our lifetime".

    5. 'Not one LIB PROGRESSIVE will be voted into office in our lifetime".

      You mean folks like Sherrod Brown, Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders in the Senate- will never be "voted into office in our lifetime"? Really?

      Walt, you may want to re-consider your idiotic statement. Ed Schultz certainly didn't say that. But you did.

      Oh and Walt, when the weight of te DOJ halts the fraudulent FL voter purges in the next several days, you can thank me first.

    6. To cowardly Anonymous, Better go check out Ed's own words.( I quoted him word for word)
      Ya,, we wouldn't your real name exposed when spewing BS.
      Yes, Holder is going to make sure every fraudulent vote
      will be counted. Your side will need every one of them.

    7. You wouldn't know what Ed Schultz said since you don't listen to him. I don't care if the Daily Caller or Fox twisted something- they do it every day. You best move along now back to Town Talk and shill for a mine.

    8. Really Steve? Can't handle reality? Five seconds on a google search
      will tell you what I said is true.
      Go on back to MSNBC and CNN. Your one of the few that still believe and/or watch them.


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