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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Romney gets the votes needed for nomination, press investigates his and his father's birth certificates, is the press a bunch of "birthers"?

Mitt Romney is now the official nominee for the Republican Party and we can thank the Texas primary for that.  It now appears the other candidates from the primary will get behind Mitt and show support for him in the upcoming general election.  Along with the nomination, since Mitt is a Republican, the press will now give him a constsnt anal exam and explore evry little wart and blemish while leaving President Obama alone.

The latest press effort on Mitt is to investigate his birth certificate (HERE is the BC) and with that comes their research into his father's and mother's births as well.  In George Romney's brief run for President in 1968, Democrat "birthers", mostly Congressmen, attempted to throw a shadow on George's right to run.  HERE is a little bit of what happened.

"In George Romney's case, most of the questions were raised initially by Democrats who cited the Constitution's requirement that only a "natural born citizen" can be president."

The democrats were relentless yet their suspicions were not taken to task and they were not called derisive names and belittled as anyone questioning Obama's status is today.  But double standards are at home in the leftwing lamestream media.  HERE is the full article on Romney's status by Reuters.

My guess is now that Mitt is the official nominee he will be asked all the questions the media should have asked Obama and once again the media will lose what little credibility it has.  But that is their problem.  Hell, Donald Trump is having a field day asking about Obama's status and the media is doing their best to wrap Trumps questions around Mitt's neck.  I bet Bill Ayers must be laughing his ass off .

On to the conventions then on to the general election in November.


  1. Todd, just a bunch of libs pulling your favorite chain, turnabout is fair play.

  2. Stars, I checked out your blog and it seems we have similar movie interests. If you like The Magnificent Seven I would say we must be related. LOL!

  3. Is someone going to ask the lamestream where they were when this kind of vetting was required for Obama? I predict their reply will be The Sound of Silence.

  4. Vetting for the President has long ago been done and its over. Chains are now being pulled successfully. Parody is a wonderful form of humor. So it seems that Trump and the Birthers are a blessing for the President, believe me. Go Birthers!


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