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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ted Nugent cleared by the Secret Service

No one should make direct or even veiled threats against the President of the United State.  Ted Nugent is a bombastic rocker with a NRA membership and a lot of opinions on the Constitution.  He is not afraid to speak his mind and his opinions are sometimes over the top, even for little ol' me.  I have to admit, I have never purchased a Nugent record and I would be unable to tell you of any songs he does.  But I digress.

Nugent made comments about the political world, democrats and Obama.  He even used a colorful phrase about beheading.  That was in regards to the November vote and not the act of actually beheading anyone.  I understood what he said but some nuts on the left, a few of them in local lefty blogs, parsed Nugent's words to allege actual beheading.  I think those lefty posters were smoking something funny.

HERE is the article composed after the Secret Service met with Nugent and decided nothing further was necessary.  Hooray to that.

Free speech and our First Amendment are sacrosanct to me and most Americans. We should however be careful of the direction of our words sometimes.  However, What Nugent said, and I read the transcript, was not meant to threaten the President.  Colorful perhaps, pointed in its meaning regarding political voting outcomes, sure, but not personal threats.  That is a stretch.  Now I see the press and the democrats trying to join Nugent and Romney at the hip.  I would say if they are trying to do that then Obama and Bill Ayers are to be treated the same  too.  But we will not =see that will we, the liberal lamestream media only goes after the conservatives.  A barnyard dog has nothing on the lamestreams.  Obama/Ayers don't even get a nip.

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