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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obamacare and the liberal brain or lack of one

I listened to the final hours of the SCOTUS listening to the ramblings of the Solicitor General and his deputy and I am so glad Obama hired these two dudes.  The SG is a Columbia graduate apparently.  He ran the newspaper and taught the same kind of crap interpretation of our Constitution to the young mush-headed students we all love as Obama did at Harvard.  Then the conservative lawyers from the 26 states took over and the match was won in about three minutes.  If one had any doubts about the lack of smarts a liberal has, this whole exercise should prove it.

I have no idea how this will turn out because people are truly unpredictable, but while I was listening to the testimony on C-SPAN, I was struck by a simple little thing about all this.  Just do or don't and use the Constitutions words to do either.  I personally believe Obamacare is unconstitutional.  The Founders never even could have perceived a ridiculous interpretation as Pelosi, Reid, all the democrats and then Obama had in this mess.  To try and force every man, women and soon to be taxpayers into a government coerced (this word was heavily debated) health insurance scam is almost unfathomable.  Ben Franklin has to be restless.  Well the Judges considered conservatives made mincemeat out of the lefty lawyers and the conservative lawyers made mincemeat out of the liberal Judges.  A win win for individual freedom in my view.

Now that all was finished yesterday, we have the pundits on both sides giving us their views on how it was in their opinion.  HERE is a typical conservative opinion and HERE and HERE are typical  liberal ones.    Now in the liberals upside world, a conservative Judge who wants the Constitution followed as intended by the Founders,  is now an "activist" judge.  The liberal judge who wants to use opinions from other countries and pop psychology views is not.  When you read Chait and E.J. Dionne's crappy analysis, try not to laugh to hard.  They think we are all stupid and they are shocked, shocked to think they were bested by those dinosaur conservatives.  I laughed my ass off.

Podhoretz, a fellow with immense common sense, sums up the liberal apoplexy in a few well chosen words.   "A Supreme shock for 'La-La' libs". How true.  The left has the lamest arguments but thought they were so much smarter than conservatives they could not lose.  They got whipped and they are licking their wounds.  I never graduated from college and yet somehow, after listening to the lefty lawyers heehaw through the hearings, I knew I was smarter than them.  Yep, even I could have bested them at the SCOTUS.  Life is great!

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  1. I individually believe Obamacare is unconstitutional. The Creators never even could have recognized a absurd presentation as Pelosi, Reid, all the dems and then Obama had in this clutter.


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