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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

End of an Error! What a Hoot!

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  1. a Hoot?! ooooookkkkkk, ummmmmm, you DO know that that same t-shirt goes back decades don't you??? Both sides have been using that same tired slogan for so long that it's embarrassing to see it rolled out again, election after election. I think you must have gotten to the party late on this one, thus explaining why you're the only one laughing. Or maybe one man's "Hoot!" is another man's *yawwwnnnn. But don't let me dissuade from from buying up a few of those . . . you're gonna need something to cry into when you wake up the morning after Election Day. Don't worry though, you religious nuts won't get left behind, I'm sure Mr. Obama is going to take verrrrrrrry good Care of you ;) heh heh heh heh

  2. What a sad sack sourpuss "OWL". You just have no sense of humor just like all liberal atheists. The day after election in November, Obama will be packing up his "hope and change" used by many lefty politicians over the years, and heading to the villa in Santa Domingo with Charlie Rangel etal. What a hoot!

  3. Not at all, Todd. I love a laugh and a good joke. And please, enough with the atheist tag. They're as wrong as you are ;) Like most people who really think it through I'm an agnostic . . anybody who claims to "know" that god does or doesn't exist should be on your "very likely a kook" radar. I'm usually a bit nervous in election years because I, like you, care. Strangely though, this year I'm not. The republican party has been in disarray seemingly since the moment John McCain announced Sarah Palin (HA HA HAAA!!!) as his running mate in 2008. What a huuuuge mistake (fortuitous for us libs), the race was shaping up to be quite tight until then. And this year . . . wow, you guys have no chance at all. Mitt Romney?? Really?? He isn't HALF the man McCain is. I know you have to stay hopeful and keep your dauber up but deep in your heart you KNOW that Barack Obama is gonna clean Romnoid's clock. So much for a 51% to 49% squeaker this year . . . Obama wins 60/40 this time. If I made through 12 years of Reagan/Bush Sr. and 8 more TORTUROUS years of Dubbya and Cheney I bet you'll survive another 4 years of Obama/Biden. You just won't be hooting! as much.

    "You have no sense of humor just like all liberal atheists" . . hmm. One well-meaning suggestion for you . . try to stay away making blanket statements such as that. Credibility can be easily lost when you do. Besides being wrong about that you're attempting to paint a lot of people with one broad brush. Just because I didn't find this one joke funny = I have no sense of humor to you? Like I said, I've heard this joke sooooooooo many times before that I just can't muster a laugh for it anymore. But hey, maybe you're just more easily entertained? What a hoot!

  4. Since your email doesn't exist you must be afraid to reveal yourself here ( a coward?). You break my rules right from the gitgo. It is my experience when people make the kinds of statements about politics as you do you have to be as I have described you. A liberal atheist without a sense of humor.

    What a hoot!


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