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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

68% of Americans are mad at Obama

I have written many times over the years about the disconnect of the political and bureaucratic elite with the regular folks here in America.  It is always the same thing.  The elite think they know best and the "masses" should just shut up and go back to ditch digging.  This is prevalent in the use of private property and gasoline.

There is a disconnect in the elites brain about gasoline and fuels in general.  America runs on motors.  We became the greatest and freest people the planet has ever seen because of motors.  The elites, those that have chauffeurs and get SUV's with bulletproof glass, think we should give up the motors.  Well the ones fired by gasoline and they know best.  We should listen and do what they want because they are saving the planet from we subjects of their intelligence.  The elite attend "global warming" meetings all over the planet and get there by jet.  Then they vote to try and change how the common people get to travel.  Little Dodge or Honda subcontracts will do, hybrids at the least or all electric even better.  Yet the goal I see is simple, these elites don't like the freedom we common people have to travel since it is harder to control us.

Obama is one of the leading hypocrites on the planet and he has gained the power to do something about his anti-gasoline philosophy, that is he is doing nothing.  When others were in charge and he was a state senator from Illinois, then as a candidate and subsequently a US Senator, he let us all know he did not like coal, oil and other carbon fuels.  He said he would certainly allow coal plants but they would go bankrupt trying to follow the rules he would place on them.  The cost would be too great so he would achieve his goals of anti-carbon.  (most life is carbon based and I just can't understand this bogus thinking from the left).

We see the inactivity by Obama and his lackey's of like mindedness in the EPA and the other Administration departments except on their dislike of fossil fuels.  Luckily, we see the regular little people of our country starting to wake up and see the strategy of Obama in the price of their gasoline.  Almost four bucks and in California over four bucks.  People are not happy.  Money is flowing into the pockets of the lefts bogeymen, the oil companies, and out of the pockets of the soccer mom's food budget.  Of course we have seen the rise in almost all goods and services of everyday life since America, all three and a half million square miles of it, trucks our necessities.  Heck, those wonders under the Capitol Dome in DC, both parties, think it is better to put ethanol made from corn into our gas tanks than as a tortilla on our kitchen table!  Not too smart eh?

HERE is the latest poll by Reuters on the anger of the "common" folks of America regarding Obama's handling of gasoline.  68% are PO'd and it will get worse.  The disconnect of the left and the soccer mom's need to drive her children to school activities will be Obama's demise.  I am sad that the elitists and econuts of our nation are so disconnected from the everyday lives of the regular folks.  All the high filutan policies and all the regulations shoved down our throats regarding energy are of little concern to the regular folks.  They are concerned about the flow of their hard earned money into the gas tank and away from what they prefer to spend it on.  Obama doesn't get it.  By locking up our resources he is consciously weakening our country.  You want to get a cheaper gasoline cost?  Boot the Obama Administration out and replace it with people truly concerned about you and your personal family budget.

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