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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Man attacked by a mountain lion and saved by a bear!

I saw this story in the Paradise Post and thought it was simply fascinating.  The Post  endorsed me in 1992 when I ran for the Assembly.

HERE is the article.


  1. Fascinating?! You can file that load of B.S. under "Don't believe everything you read". The air must be pretty thin around the Bigg's estate. I'm surprised he wasn't abducted by aliens from a passing U.F.O on his jaunt back home (eyes rolling). Remember that time he was landing a 200 lb. halibut on the Yuba River and that mermaid cut his line and swam off with it? This guy is either seriously looney or he is smoking the premium stuff. I'm not surprised you found this "account" plausible . . anybody who listens to conservative, religious nonsense is susceptible to believing every ridiculous fairy-tale they hear. Of course only the hardcore lunatics swallow every single word, most cherry-pick the "facts(?)" and rearrange them to suit themselves. If the "Gestapo" D.F.G. finds that there is one ounce of truth in Mr. Bigg's statement I promise to eat my hat, play "patty-cake" with a wild bear and humbly beg your forgiveness. But I wouldn't count on it. Sincerely, Bigfoot (Bigfoot IS my real name thank you and, yep, you guessed it . . I consider myself a liberal fellow and I support liberal people and issues. I attend NO churches because life is short and I have far better things to do than obsess about what's going to happen when mine is over. I really don't know and neither do you!

  2. Bigfoot, (what a hoot you fibber), you have some anger issues. The only thing you said that I believe is you are an atheist liberal. Too bad, you could probably write for Keith Olbermann but even he is not as angry as you. April Fools.

  3. Angry? Nooooo. Liberal? Yes. Aetheist? Noooo. I have no more proof that God doesn't exist than you do that he(?) does. I'm perfectly happy saying that I have no idea (although I DO lean toward the "not likely" side. I found your blog last night while surfing "Sierra" websites (badly in need of a High Country vacation ASAP here) and although I couldn't disagree with you more on the topics of religion and politics I find that I actually enjoy your writing style. I bet I would be surprised how much we agree on other topics. I realllllly REALLLLLLLLY want to make fun of you for using words like "Hoot" and "fibber" but you say them so earnestly that I find it disarming . . darn you!! I wasn't angry at all when I typed my comment. To me, anger issues are the domain of the conservative talk show hosts you seem to listen to. Rush Limbaugh calling a young woman he knew NOTHING about a "slut" and a "prostitute"? Michael Savage saying that liberals have a "mental disorder"? That's beyond angry, those are very ignorant, vile and hateful personal attacks. They serve no purpose beyond being divisive and pushing the ugliest emotional buttons of their listeners and readers. That is full-blown hate speech and, in my opinion, is an abuse of our Constitutional right to free speech. Even during the days that our Constitution (an awesome but imperfect document) was being drafted there were exceptions to the right that some people today translate to "I can say any damn thing I want to!". Speech that was inflammatory and dangerous to the public peace was exempted and was referred to as "fighting words". Rush Limbaugh gets away with this type of hate-mongering constantly and shouldn't be allowed to spout his ignorant "thoughts" on a street corner let alone the public airwaves. If he had called MY daughter a slut and a prostitute I would have shoved that cigar so far up his fat, pampered ass that he'd never be able to sit in front of his ridiculous "Golden Microphone" again. THAT'S what anger looks like.

    I was simply pointing out that anybody who would actually believed the "Saved from a mountain lion by a bear" story would have to be on the edge of dementia. To even entertain the possibility that that actually happened would require a head full of rocks. I'm embarrassed for the Paradise Post who reported that malarkey as fact without checking sources. If they had reported that as entertainment journalism (aka "fiction") that would be one thing but I assume they want their readers to actually have some confidence that what they're writing is quality, factual journalism. Are they hiring Natnl. Enquirer rejects over there now?? I bet that story was HUUUUUUUGE on the Coast to Coast AM overnight show, lol (20 people on hold waiting to say that the exact same thing happened to them). Sigh.

    Oh well, that's just my 3 cents (adjusted for inflation). Good day all.

    P.S. Bigfoot is REAL !

  4. Bigfoot is not real since your email is phony but I like your rants. You should start your own blog.

    Regarding free speech and the First Amendment. I think you are mistaken. The First says nothing about slander libel or fighting words. The SCOTUS has done that over time. You know, "fire in a crowded theater" stuff. The reason the First is so broadly defined by the Founders is they wanted more speech and they wanted controversial speech without the king sending the troops to shut your mouth.

    Regarding the radio show hosts. It appears you have been sneaking time to listen to them. Rush is bombastic and says a lot of stuff most people would be afraid to say. That is why he is so popular. Sure he defined Fluke in a way I would not but what the heck? I must say he has offered information on issues and topics I have never heard looked into by the mainstream" media and that alone has been wonderful. Especially the abuse of property rights.

    Savage is way to mean for me but periodically I do listen to get his take on something. He usually sees through the media and government BS when they issue reports.

    Maybe the Paradise Post just did a April Fools a few days early. But hey, would you rather see that story or the mess the "bigtime" media and journalists are doing on the Zimmerman/Trauvon mess?


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