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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Should our country fund eco non-profits?

Some of California's "Protectted" Lands from People
After a very nice Christmas and getting together with family and friends I sat down and and started reading the local Union newspaper this morning and there it was again, the "wonder" of those seeking to "save" the Sierra from those terrible humans.  HERE is the article.

So it appears these "non-profits" are banding together to do what?  To take more land out of the hands of the people wishing to do something with it and "preserving" it for something.  We get to read the "plans" for this land which is usually purchased with our tax money then run by people and organizations that pay no taxes.  This in the face of growing fiscal problems in California and the nation.  We have people without brains running the asylum and this scammy way to gain grant money and tax dollars from old Propositions must end.  These eco groups are the same ones that have shutdown every single timber mill in the Sierras.  These are the people who shut down all suction dredging for gold in the Sierras.  These are the same kind of organizations that sue every timber harvest plan they can find and every salvage job of burned timber they can find. These are the kinds of organizations that sue or say they will sue every private land use project that arises.

These eco grant seekers are simply money raisers for a ensconced group of people who tell us they are "saving" the place from those that pay the bills!  Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate nature and I like to hike with my honey whenever we can arrange it.  I like clean air and clean water, and I appreciate a tree either growing tall in the forest or planed into a beam in a wooden structure house.  I just am tired of the government and these eco grant seekers taking the hard earned money of the timber faller, the hardrock miner and cattle grazers and shutting down their lands.   What the heck are we doing?

When I see a group of these eco organizations stating they are coming together to do an even better job, collectively, to take more of our lands out of use for the people I have a theory about all this.  Money is tight.  Maybe these grant seekers are having trouble securing taxpayers money to shut down the Sierra.  Maybe the people are wising up and saying maybe we should not destroy the economy even more by locking away our natural resources.  Maybe?

Bureau of Land Management, a federal agency has 15% of California's land under their control.  That is just one agency!  We have a whole bunch of Federal Forests, the Tahoe being here in our area.  Then we have lands controlled by the State itself.  When you add it all up it is a huge number of  acres off limits to our economy.  We used to utilize our natural resources to make life better for  people but now the "spin" has been spun to convince the people that we must lock things up and disallow its resource removal and place "conservation" and "recreation" for the city dwellers mainly.  Our little county alone has over 800 non-profits many working hard to lock up our wealth.  One of those is the Sierra Business Council run by a former chef of a restaurant in Truckee.  They are one of the new partners in the latest collaboration of what I call,  "anti capitalist" organizations funded by taxpayers.

I would suggest everyone go look at the tax returns in the Attorney Generals office and take a look at how your money is being spent by these organizations.  Then when your outrage is back under control, send a letter and ask the AG to start auditing these organizations.  I think the AG could save us millions of tax dollars that perhaps could be used to keep our State Parks open.  I guess that is why I have a problem with these kinds of things.  California has no money because they politicians just keep spending us into the dirt and they can't even come up with 29 million to keep the parks open.  Yet they disburse millions to these "non-profits" that actually take out of circulation lands that can generate taxes and jobs in the private sector.  This is why California is the laughingstock of the nation.


  1. Good call Todd. It is becoming more and more obvious that there is an industry that has as its primary function that of extracting tax payer funds from the government and converting it into inflated salaries and expenses for people that assign themselves positions with so called non-profit organizations established by themselves and their friends for this specific purpose. This as an antidote for lack of knowledge or intelligence, incentive, character, etc. There are those that make there profession as "Grant Writers" and they don't even attempt to disclaim the label. At least they didn't a few years ago. Now they may have stopped using that descriptor. If not I expect they will. In fact, I think there are courses you can take just for that purpose. Perhaps even a college major classification. Institutionalized slothery.

    This is what I refer to as "soft embezzlement". People that attain there subsistence by methods related to this are not those that contribute to our society in a beneficial way but rather a detrimental way. They have such poor character as to attempt to offset their dishonor by convincing themselves their "organization" is actually a benefit to society and thereby they are doing an honorable thing. Taking tax payer funds to waste time conducting counter-productive activities. These people have no true conscience. They are truly pathetic miserable people and you can easily detect this in ANY of their writings. Next time you read something written by one of these slimy muck crawling slugs, and we all know who these people are with regard to our local blogs, just keep this in mind and you will be astonished how valid this indictment is. They know they are miserable and they don't have the capacity or experience to understand what they are missing in life and how they are themselves responsible for their deprivation.

    If you investigate their professional past you will generally discover that they have been miserable failures at anything productive that requires self reliance, character, diligence, incentive and intelligence. I think you may be capable of materially substantiating my allegations.

  2. "They are truly pathetic miserable people and you can easily detect this in ANY of their writings. Next time you read something written by one of these slimy muck crawling slugs, and we all know who these people are with regard to our local blogs, just keep this in mind and you will be astonished how valid this indictment is".

    Have rarely seen a better example of projecting behavior. Textbook.


    You must have heard your whistle and stuck your head out of your hole. You slim balls always have inflated opinions of your intelligence.

    I bet you are one of these slimy pricks that has his lips wrapped around the public tit. OH! but not in your opinion. Right? Scumbag!

  4. Just to let you know. I have contributed more productively to the economy and culture in any one day than you have in your lifetime.

  5. Todd,

    I have some comments in Saving the Sierra at NC 2012 Yet:

  6. Russ, great article on your blog and unlike these grant seekers you have facts to prove them wrong. They are leeches on the American body and hopefully when we take back ur country from them we will defund the leeches.

  7. Bo, what a dumb sock puppet name, I am still waiting for the fraudulent defense of your income stream. Come on. Man up. Don't be ashamed to use your real name. Tell us who you are and how your income is generated. Then we can see what a pathetic tit sucking leech you are.


Real name thank you.