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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spain's Conservatives take back the country, A soon to be in the USA too?

HERE is a Reuters article and HERE is a BBC article on the victory in Spain of the PP who are expected to gain a majority of seats in the lower house of the Spanish government.  I was alerted to this vote by a post Russ Steele put in Rebane's Ruminations.  That is a prime example of why the age of the Internet is so great in my opinion.

Spain is a mess.  It was run by the Socialist since 2004 when they won the majority which many people said was because of their involvement in Iraq as one of the coalition partners.  Also, the Al-Queda attack on their train stations three days before national elections in 2004 were parlayed into the socialist victory which I at the time thought was a terrible mistake by the Spaniards.  They subsequently pulled their few troops out of Iraq and the terrorists considered their bombings a huge victory.  About 190 people were murdered in the bombings and Al Queda was feeling their oats.  They are good at cowardly attacks on unsuspecting civilians.  Men, women, children, the head choppers could care less who they murder.

Anyway, Spain was becoming a wimp state in the view of many people.  You just can't give in to terrorists.  We all know that, most of the world doesn't.  Spain tried their best at make believe.   They could satisfy the terrorists but really, no one can do that.  So Spain dived into more and more socialism and passed a whole bunch of programs to make their country a shining example of "green".

Well "green" has bankrupted the country, once the greatest power on the face of the earth.  Its 46 million people are now broke and the whole place is a mess.  20% plus unemployment and their green agenda has put this once great country on the ropes.  So, after all of the socialist fantasies tried and failed, the Spanish have regained their senses and booted those socialists and replaced them with conservatives.  We will get to see how far the new government can make changes to save their country but as we have seen in Greece, the people on the dole may not like it much.

Spain is just the latest example of government overreach in all aspects of the lives of its citizens and their businesses.  America should pay attention to how bad the left can take a country and how fast they do it.  Here in America the people placed conservatives in charge of one half of one third of our government and I hope the other branches will be gained in November 2012.  We have seen the future and if we don't change course and get back to basics, we could be Greece.  But, if we take the lesson from Spain, we may survive. 


  1. As the socialist screwed electorates of Europe start returning more conservative politicians to power, they will be doing it too late. The public is always a day late and a dollar short, that's another reason why pure democracy doesn't work.

  2. And, the Italians appointed a new PM ~ Mario Monti ~ a businessman who in turn brings in other businessmen. Anyone done a serious look at how many of Barrack Hussein Obama's cabinet and advisors have real life business training and experience? <5% maybe? No wonder the boy community organizer is in trouble.

  3. Germany booted the socialists years ago and put Merkel and her team in. They are the strongest economy. It is now in England with Cameron as well. Pople may wake up there sooner than we think and toss socialism in the dust heap but then again, maybe not.


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