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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders proves us right about the democrat party

That finger is on its way to your pocket
Wow!  I guess we should be patting ourselves on the back.  Last night showed we on the Republican side were telling the American people the truth about democrats.  One half of the democrats in Iowa, this is their base too, voted for a avowed socialist!  I have been saying this for years.  In America!  My goodness, the Bernie Sanders vote is really a very sad one for me and should be for any patriotic American.

Capitalism has been the engine that made America a great place.  The most prosperous in the history of the planet.  It has given rise to a incredible standard of living and allowed people to rise to their own "peter principle" level.  So how could a man, heir to Mao and Stalin, an a heir to European socialism, gain half the vote of the democrat base?  Because the democrats have gone so far left they think Sanders is middle of the road!

Obama and Hillary Clinton drove the democrat party into a far left and Sanders is taking it even farther.  I watched Sanders speaking at a gathering last night and the room was full of young people.  I assumed they were college kids.  They cheered and applauded when Sanders said things like, he would do things clearly anti-business, anti individual rights and supporting policies like higher taxes and more regulation.  Hell, he sounded like Obama on steroids!  And those young people cheered loudly for all his finger in the air policy suggestions!

How can that be?  These kids are the progeny of people that made their lives possible.  Their parents supply the money for their education.  The country they live in has for the most part, made their lives better.  They were applauding a man who will be trying to swipe their money!  My GOD how could this be?  The answer is they are total ingrates to the sacrifices of their parents and those brave people that only one generation ago saved the planet from fascism and communism.. And how could that be?

Our liberal press and the liberal/socialist educators are to blame.  They have brainwashed our kids!  Day after day.  The people that should have been pushing the freedoms they enjoy were telling these kids how terrible the successful are.  How they needed to be roped into compliance to socialist policies of "FAIRNESS"!  Whatever that means.  Does that mean a slovenly lazy ass boy can sit back and receive the money earned by someone else?  Apparently.  How could we allow these educators to brainwash?  Were we not paying attention?  Were we afraid of not being PC?  Afraid of standing up for the true values of America because the press would vilify?  Probably all of those things.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will be the third term of Obama and that would spell the end to our freedoms in my view.  Many of us have warned about these people gaining power.  We have seen these policies before and they usually led to millions f deaths.  Socialism/communism was a greater killer than the Nazi's!  Socialism will take your money and your stuff.  It will circumvent the Constitution just as we have seen Obama do.  You want equal opportunity or equal outcomes?  The hard working people of America must not let Sanders or the Hillary Clinton candidacies gain America.


  1. The FUE failed to cover the Hidee Hall story in the union about her campaign spending. Seems Hidee Hall is spending her campaign money out of the county. Hidee Hall's spending her money at Four Water Media, Inc., of West Sacramento, and PMCohen Public Affairs, of San Rafael. So very podunk that Hidee is spending her donations out of county. Such hippocrates.

    1. He shows his bias which we all knew his claims of neutrality where bogus. He likes her and will protect her. Even though she is a carpetbagger. So don't expect anything but love and praise for her by him. Total Faux "journalist"

    2. Oh now you did it Todd, you have gored his sacred cow Heidi Hall. The FUE will do everything he can to shine her apple. Eco nut carpetbagger will never be mentioned by the most hated unemployed journalist FUE. You can be sure of that he will always stick with the crazy cat lady crew! ROFLOL

    3. Hall is a true carpetbagger. Hall moved into the District not long ago so she could run for supervisor.

  2. Poor little jeffy wants to be some kind of Nevada County Michael Moore, in his dreams. The lumbering lump wants to cheer the most repugnant parts of the left agenda the capitol of chem trails aka Nevada City. He has a brain cramp over Ruinit not being fawned over by those meannie Nevada City good old pos's people who actually do something. The biggest problem for that idot fue is that he needs to loose 2 or 3 hundered pounds to be a Michael Moore clone. ROFLOL

  3. jeffpelline says:

    February 6, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    And here’s a sign of The Union’s professionalism in its hires: “RL Crabb — To this asshole, …” then he links to this blog post. Then a guy named “Michael Trickey” posts “Pelline is kind of dicky isn’t he?” And Teresa Cook (the one from Oregon) writes: “Is he even from Nevada County.” Here’s Michael Trickey: What a gem!

    RL needs anger management counseling, and Kerri Brenner needs to have a sit down with HR on “conflict of interest’ policies.

    What a mudhole. And Crabb and Brenner are paid by The Union. Jim Hemig call the office!

    I thought you were.."..a sign of The Union’s professionalism in its hires". Hmmmm....maybe you meant your firing...."h"...."f".....I know how easy it is to make a typographical error.

    Could happen to anyone.

    1. Attacking RL? The curmudgeon o the tow? I have liked his cartoons lately, he must be on his meds. LOL! Anyway, it is fascinating how hateful Pelline is about the Union and it's people. He will end up with a heart attack and placed on a coldstone slag if he doesn't lighten up. But do I care? Nope! LOL!

  4. The grossly obese one without any self control had a massive melt down posting endless comments to himself last night attacking RL Crabb. Add these to his hate rants attacking Paul Emery, KVMR, Duane Strawser and the Union newspaper. No wonder he's the biggest joke in the community, no friends and why folks avoid him like the plague. The community is embarrassed by this obese, obsessed, narcissistic child. Sure do feel sorry for his family.

  5. Now here's an interesting perspective......

    Douglas Keachie says:

    February 7, 2016 at 9:21 am

    Don’t know if there is more than one Michael Trickey in the County, but the one I know is a professional painter, and a year ago took his talents with paint ( in this case, paint removal) to the South Yuba River to remove graffiti from rocks and did an excellent job. I was there to help. I understand via FB that he is starting up a new band, but he is way more middle aged than the dude in the photo, so I can’t say if they are one and the same.

    Would it surprise anyone that jeffy would lash out in a blind flabby rage in an attempt to "hit back" at his critics....and quite probably linked to the wrong guy (Michael Trickey).

    Oh should really learn to "dig deeper™"!

  6. jeffpelline says:

    February 7, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Now the sock puppets on Todd’s blog are self-styled “philosopher kings.” Nope. Just the dead wood in our community (and David Larsen of Carmichael).

    So......jeffy......fired up for the "Big Game™". This is where all the dedication and training pays off.....the long hours! Today is your day get out there and hit those Chili Cheese Fries......hit em hard!

    1. Pelline's sock puppets are complaining? What a hoot!

    2. Pelline now has his panties in a wad (god forgive me for giving the image) about the "gate" at the old duffy's. Is there anything smaller in importance this idiot Pelline can comment on? Not likely. And he disses the Union and Crabb to boot. He has to be unhinged or so bored with his life to even comment. Jeeze!

  7. Do you think Fat Albert is ok? He is having a meltdown. This time I wonder if he will make it back.


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