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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ann Coulter's take on liberals and racism, right on the mark

Since Steve Enos is on some sort of a jihad this week against Herman Cain (he does this on any topic though) , I thought this ditty by Ann Coulter would perhaps give the fellow a different take.  HERE is the article and it reflects my opinion on the topic.

When the left decides to "take-out" a Republican because they can't beat them any other way, they usually call the guy or gal  a "racist".  When a black conservative is involved it throws the liberals into a tizzy since the person is already black!  Oh my!  What to do, what to do?  Oh, lets call him a stereotypical sexual term!  That will work.  Well, that is what they are doing and that is what liberals like Enos revert to. 

Of course there is probably no man on earth who hasn't said or done something some feminist babe would be PO'd about especially in the 1990's.  Men have been turned into wimpy  reflections by the feminist movement since it started in the 60's and GOD forbid you hang a Playboy poster in your own locker.  We have lost our minds about certain topics in America and during those frenzied times when some person, mainly women in sexual harassment cases, could earn a buck (win the lottery?) we saw case after case.  And with the sympathy for bellyaching by judges and the barn yard dog bite of the trial lawyers, American males mostly have been neutered.

Well, Coulter makes the case that the "harassment" alleged by "unnamed" sources was as bad as Cain stroking his chin!  OMG!  We have to file a claim and maybe we can win the lottery?  Well, they did file a claim and the NRA insurance carriers paid these  poor babes money.  What a scam!  Happened all over America too.

If Cain stroked his chin and the NRA paid money to the poor little female accuser (at they are females), it was probably a business decision and not based on the merits.  many insurance companies settle after analysing the projected costs of a lawsuit (even frivolous ones) and then offer money for the person to go away.  Dollars and cents, dollars and sense!  This type of settlement by insurance companies was a major reason Nevada County went in with other counties when I was a Country Supervisor and became self insured.  We wanted to see a fight and make the frivolous suits lose.  It worked.

But, Cain probably listened to the insurance carriers and they settled his chin stroking exhibition and the women signed non disclosures for their pieces of silver feminist shekels. So we on the right see these liberals stymied by their racial petards turning to the sex allegations and we just shake our heads here on the right.  Clinton and Edwards cases were defended vigorously by the liberals, the feminists were silent during that time (the democrats accused were pro-abortion rights) and it was only a few persistent folks from the media (in Edwards case, the National Enquirer for goodness sakes) and their persistence allowed the American people to make a educated judgement on the scofflaws of the lefts veracity.

Cain may or may not be handling this as the experts think he should be.  The left during Clinton's abuse of Monica Lewinsky in the Oval office was chastising everyone that it was only about "consensual sex" and we should blow it off as no bid deal.  Now the left is outraged that a black Republican  could be so terrible as to emulate such a minuscule thing as sexual harassment allegations.  Will wonders never cease?


  1. Even us construction workers got our "women rating" licenses revoked.
    Way back when, I got many a date working flagger detail on road projects. Guys might get fired for trying that now.

  2. Walt, perhaps your daughter may someday follow in those women's footsteps.


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