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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bachman shouted down at townhall by leftists

In a familiar pattern, leftwingnuts would not allow a conservative to make a speech or even have interaction with a group of people wishing to hear policies and positions.  This truly is thuggery from the left and it is too bad. 

HERE is the video and audio.  I think I heard one of the leftwingnuts say he was there for "People for the American Way".  A well known liberal money laundering organization. This is copied from the wiki website and explains the basic tenet of this "progressive" organization founded by Norman Lear. "

"Located in Washington, D.C., People For the American Way monitors what it characterizes as "right-wing" activities, conducting rapid response, political lobbying, and volunteer mobilization."

 Why shout Michelle Bachman down?  Why not debate her and ask questions?  What are these nuts afraid of?  I just have never understood the blatant hypocrisy of the left in America regarding free speech and the "Bill of Rights".  On the one hand they cry the blues about their rights while denying others the same rights.  Whether it is throwing a pie at Ann Coulter, shouting down David Horowitz on college campii or this shoutdown of Bachman, the left has lost its collective mind about our country and its basic laws and decorum.

The people doing all this crap are the college kids.  Now I understand the ardor of the yutes and when it is channeled correctly it can change things.  Like the 18 year old vote or the drinking age or similar things.  The young people have the energy and the desire to to get things done, unfortunately in America though, the young people are manipulated and brainwashed by the leftwing professors populating our education process.  Some polls I have seen say 80 to 90 percent of the educators are lefties.  These "educators" of our young can't help themselves and have decided that their PC way of life is not enough and now "educate" our young in a strategy of "shoutdown" of anyone they disagree with.

What are the leftwingnuts afraid of?  Why is it that others free speech rights are subordinate to theirs?  We see this behaviour all around the country and even the planet now.  It is about power.  The left wants it all their way and God forbid someone on the right disagrees.  They will not allow the words to be heard and the PC crowd is there to disrupt and force a retreat of the offending conservative or contra viewpoint, like the current OWS nuts.  One thing we see time after time though is the restraint of those being forced out of the room and their supporters.  This video shows that well.  The shouters do not take a break in running Bachman out yet the people there to hear her are restrained by their manners.  The left has no manners.

We see the PC phoniness right here in our little county too.  The left is PO's a creek is  named after a term from two centuries ago and wants it changed to a more benign term.  Even the word "negro" is unacceptable to these PC nuts.  This is how ridiculous they have become.  These same people call the folks they don't like all kinds of derogatory names but because they are hypocrites they never self flagellate.  They are the finger pointers of PC and the purveyors of the shoutdown and the pie throw.  We on the right are the opposite.  We like debate.  We like lots of debate.

I was always told politics was war without the bloodshed.  The left wants to ensure they always win the war and the other side can't even be heard.  To me that goes against all the tenets of being an American and belongs somewhere else.  Maybe these mouthy girls and boys should take their professors and move to North Korea or Venezuela/Cuba and try their ploys.

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  1. What is more remarkable is that journalists from the Left are totally blind to this one-sided treatment of candidates. To them such disruptions are all inconsequential and Right/Left symmetrical exercise of 'free speech'.


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