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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Debates are the American Way

I only got to watch the last 40 minutes or do of the debate last night between all the Republican candidates who showed up at Oakland University.  Michigan is one of the hardest hit states on the issues of jobs and business but I think it is doing better than our once great state.  So, I watched and listened and enjoyed.  CNBC hosts (Rick Santelli is great!) were the moderators and they seemed to do OK.  No apparent axes to grind.

I am saddened though at the lack of debate ability by Rick Perry.  I watched him struggle for a half minute, desperately looking from side to side for help when he was telling us which three federal departments he would eliminate.  It was quite an embarrassing moment for him.  I do understand though, the candidates are expected to remember a gazillion things and then be able to recall them on a moments notice and in great detail.  This moment for Perry though was a self inflicted wound and he did not do very well with it.  Oh, the Energy Department was the one he was looking for.

Rick Santorum is not ready for prime time in my view.  I think he lacks a certain maturity I would expect from my President.  He gets petulant some times and he seems at other times to be like the little kid who doesn't get his way and gets grumpy.  It is not a trait that becomes anyone.  Kind of like the local blogger, Jeff Pelline and his pal Steve Frisch from the rent seeking SBC of Truckee.  Same kind of immaturity.

Michelle Bachman is certainly glib and knows her stuff but in my view she might make a good US Senator.  I like her spunkiness and she seems to be very smart and dedicated to the people.  She should be in charge of a "Oversight" committee and kick some bureaucratic butt.

John Huntsman should stay home.  I just have been unable to warm up to the guy and he comes across as a egotistical know-it-all (like Obama).  In one exchange last night, Mitt Romney graciously deferred to Huntsmen on a China issue and Huntsman did a slapdown on Romney.  I thought that was a look into someone who has suspect manners.

Ron Paul was as he always is and makes a good case for the demise of the Federal Reserve and the trimming of government power.  He has so many issues I agree with but there are some I believe he is too far out in the ozones to convince me he should be President.  Mainly foreign policy issues but the largest one is his view of the terrorists and the attack on our soil on 9-11.  When I heard him in 2008 responding to a question about 9-11, he lost me.  Rudy Giuliani took him to task in a debate then and unfortunately, Ron Paul has not changed his position.

Of course Mitt Romney did well since he has been at this for over six years.  I voted for him in the California primary in 2008 over McCain and was happy to do so then.  I like his business experience but he needs to work on not coming across so much like a salesman of older cars.  He seems cardboardy.   I do think he would make a good President though.  His business experience and ability to get things done would be a plus over what we have now.  I just wish he didn't flip on some issues, but as long as he flips my way, I could live with that. HERE is his position on Iran and nuclear weapons which I though he did very well.

Herman Cain did good as always.  He was asked about the allegations of the gold diggers (and I think paid political assassins of the democrats) and he had a great response which the audience clapped wildly for.  HERE is that question and his answer. As I have stated in other posts on my blog I truly like the man and think he would make a good President.  His business experience is a big plus and his view of freedom and individual rights, along with a desire to change the tax codes into something fair and workable has endured him to many people. It is going to be tough though with all the crap swirling around him.

Then we have Newt Gingrich.  I have liked Newt since I first started paying attention to national politics in earnest back in 1992.  He was that lone voice making those speeches in an empty chamber for many years (utilizing CSPAN, what a smart move) and his persistence paid off.  He is smart and well spoken.  He has some baggage though that caused me early on to think he would not be able to make it through the process.  What a surprise though that these debates have shown him to be the grownup in the room and he is moving up in the polls.  The more debates the better.

So there you have it.  Another debate so the American people can get better acquainted with the Republican candidates.  I was happy to see less sniping amongst themselves and more substance in their responses to the mess Obama and his regime have foisted on America.  We are all looking for solutions to restore America's greatness and one of those folks on the dias will hopefully be the one next November 2012.


  1. Also, the opportunity for most Americans to laugh at these clowns is as utterly American as apple pie! Gotta love Cain and Perry showing us what the Tea Party stands for. Loved it!

  2. Clowns? Perhaps your derision should be directed at the clown in chief on the White House. Obama has wrecked the place and these men and women are going to fix it.

  3. Gotta give the Repubs all the credit in the world for finding 1000 ways to lose to a 44% approval-rated incumbent. Thank You Herman, Mitt, Rick P, Michelle and Rick S. Ron Paul, a very strange man with some damn good foreign policy ideas, but who lives in some other domestic world where 90% of potential college students would be unable to become educated, and poor people would not be entitled to see a doctor. Yes indeed Clowns. The only ones with momentum are Newt and Huntsman. Every single one of them now has exposed weaknesses that Obama's campaign will exploit eat alive! There is no chance that Mr. Newt Gingrich will become President of the USA. None, nada. As for Huntsman, you said it yourself Todd. Love it!

  4. Please post yur full name or I have to boot you.

    Obama is toast, the people want to boot him, we will prevail. Get used to more defeats.

  5. Keep dreaming Robert. ANY one of them is better than who is in office now. You know,,, the "clown in chief". Maybe you would like it if "O" suspended the elections because " America is in too much trouble to change administrations, and "O" is the ONLY one that can handle the job". Some LIBS have actually suggested crap along those lines.

    My money is going to Cain. The Left is so puckered up about Cain, they can just about fix the economy with the diamonds they are crapping.LOL

    Now that the true facts about the LIB gold diggers that did their best to trash Cain are out, he can get back to business of throwing the Manchurian candidate out on his ear.

    The LIB press is pushing Mitt and Perry for one reason. "O" has a slim chance at this point of actually beating them. ( so they want us to believe. ANY of them can send "O" packing)

    Cain in my opinion, has a better idea of how to get America back on the road to recovery. He knows how to do it. He has a record of doing just that. "O" has a good record too. (Of running this great nation into the ground.)

  6. Huntsman? Momentum? I can't imagine the world you live in Robert. Do you chuckle, giggle and wring your hands a lot when you come up with this stuff?

    Just what year was it that we decided people were "entitled" to see a doctor? How did people ever get an education before federal student loans?

  7. Paul is having to stoop to " pinup girls" to stay alive. Paul is a good guy, just not President material. Huntsman? Not even on the radar.

  8. What about the once Tea Party Perry and our own Dan Logue?

    Dan Logue went to Texas to drop to his knees and beg Perry to run for President… what a great idea that was!

    Back then Dan Logue said… “He’s not only my guy – but he’s going to win it!”

    You can’t make stuff like this up. More quality Charlie Sheen style “winning”.

    Too bad Pawlenty dropped out, he could have been the R pick to run against Obama.

  9. Well look who came out from under a rock.
    Must suck to see the slimy attack of Mr. Cain FAIL miserably. Poor Steve. Now you attack Dan from Left field? Desperation setting in?

  10. Steve, crawl back under and just wait. You don't have anything to say about this primary. When this is all done and the Rs have their candidate then you may come out and take your medicine. Until them you will have to just stew in your own juice sweating what your wonderful leader will do next. Enjoy!

  11. BW,, his "fearless" leader ("O") just screwed us again by stopping the pipeline project. For no other reason than to get the ECO WHACKO vote.
    "O" went out on his " Pass this jobs bill" rant, then single handedly snuffs 20,000 of them.
    That should make Steve happy. We know how he likes to see jobs get killed.

    I wonder if Steve was at one of the OWS gatherings. His sign would say on one side,," GET US JOBS",,,, and on the other side,,," KEEP IMM CLOSED"...

  12. Don't confuse Steve with the facts.

  13. I'm elated, thrilled beyond belief at the Keystone news. We won on that disastrous pipeline, opposed by key Republicans in Nebraska. Kudos to President Obama!

    The environment and the health of our citizens cannot be compromised. Ever. Especially for such a massive enhancement to catastrophic global climate change (the exploitation of tar sands).

    Check out for more information.

  14. Totally bogus argument Bruce. The pipeline decision overroad his own state department and there is no physical way any harm could ever be done to the Ogalalla Aquifer. It is a bogus argument you foist. 20,000 jobs and energy independence. Pasas my jobs biull now! Said the O. You people are too much.

  15. Something for you Obama children to think about. The only hope Obama has is that he can cook the books enough to make it look like the economy is starting to turn around by the end of summer. If this doesn't happen it doesn't matter who is running against him he will lose. The only way it could happen is if there is enough sentiment among those driving the economy to make a stab at it. This little decision may just end up being the final nail. This is a huge gamble on O's part between pandering to his base and the economic technical's. He has rolled the dice.

    And we all know that you libs are sweating bullets. It is entertaining if nothing else. Keep a good supply of antacid boys. Your gonna need it!

  16. You're right, it IS watch the right wingers self destruct and give weeks of fodder to comedy circuits and talk shows all over America. If you'll listen to any of the progressive shows like Schultz/Maddow/Miller, or even mainstream CNN/MSNBC, its been filled with
    nothing but laughter and good cheer these days. Its been a whole lot of fun on the progressive side since the debates started. We were worried earlier this year, but not now. In national elections, America is a moderate electorate and the kind of extremism displayed on the right will never prevail in the 2012 Presidential race. The Tea Party had its 15 minutes of fame in 2010 and the OWS movement and issues will dominate the discussion in 2012. So, in cracker red states, we'll see some Repubs win, but otherwise, it ain't going to be anything resembling 2010! Wishful thinking Bob, but best of luck to you.

  17. I actually got half way through before I started laughing. You guys are all in as much denial as your immature little offspring camping out in the parks. That's good, just keeping watching and listening to all the BS. Keep hanging with all your fellow travelers. It will all be over before you knew what hit you. Just like in 2010.

    But look at it this way. You'll have plenty to piss and moan about then.

  18. 2012 will be to 2010 as 2010 was to 2008. A totally different ballgame with a totally different core of voters. OWS is dominating the news and social media. Progressives, environmentalists, young people and the working class of America has had it with the right wingers, the Kochs, the Banks and the 1%. OWS is much more in-tune with the complexity of the world. Simplistic rhetoric won't cut it in 2012.

    Bob, you're just like those right wing candidates who live in their own far away worlds, a world of a long-gone patriarchal American fantasyland. Best of luck to you!

  19. Progressives, environmentalists, young people. Working Class?

    OWS "in-tune"?

    "Patriarchal America"

    And you say I live in my own far away world?

    I just wish I had a way to illustrate to you what an absolute fool you make of yourself to the people that make this country work. Real Americans. You don't have the capacity to ever cope with reality.

    Best of luck to you! You really need it. I truly feel sorry for you. But then I have too much compassion.

  20. Nice try Yank Jr. I guess you didn't hear what happened in good ol' "Verginee"... Another "blue state" turned RED. Need a tissue? LOL
    But keep getting your news from comedy Central, HBO, and the cartoon network. So Come less than a year from now, and "O" and Co. gets kicked to the curb,,, you can say to yourself,," Just what the HELL just happened? WE were supposed to win again!!!! "THEY" said we had NOTHING to worry about!"

    So save this post pal,,, and read it again on election night. That way you can't say you didn't get warned.

  21. Speaking of OWS, the masses are sick and tired of them. The second the fall off the "news radar" they do something even more stupid just to get back in the lime light. ( suicide?)
    They are getting more violent by the week.

    But keep it up. They are just driving more people to side with the Tea Party. ( fact)

    OWS was even too stupid to deal with their "donations". From what I heard, they didn't file for non profit status and now owe taxes BIG TIME. You can bet someone WILL be forced to pay. "O" wants his cut too. Care to pay that tax "Yank"? ( I didn't think so)

  22. Walt is right about one thing, 2012 will be as different as 2010 was to 2008. The majority of voting Americans is even more dissatisfied with what is going on than they were in 2010. And it is all associated with the "O". This time there will be even more of them voting. And this time there a mostly Ds up for reelection in the Senate. Start popping those antacids boys. You're in for a real belly ache.

  23. My mistake. Make that Hank not Walt. Sorry Walt!

  24. Can you believe it? These libs are so far out of the main stream they don't even realize how fed up the public is getting with these little crappers in the park.

  25. No problem BW. I make that mistake on occasion as well. You get one name in mind and type another.

    You and I need to start a 12 step program ( we know how lefties just LOVE "programs") for LIBS that want to break free. ( we know its hard for them. " change" is scary.
    Then charge them prevailing wage for the service. ( unions demand that.)

  26. I am all about that Walt but I am afraid they can't pass the entrance exam.

  27. I just found this. Ol "yank" ( Steve E.?) since you love to bring up OWS and friends, and I think you know Mikey Moore on a first name basis, ( Mike claimed NOT to be part of the "1%") You should see his vacation house of modest means. (ya, right.)

    So hear are a few pics of it.

    The comments are a fun read. GOD,,, some are great.

  28. These lefties are such easy targets to play with. BW and Wlt, you two are too good!

  29. Walt... get a grip. I use my name when I post here... got it?

  30. "got it"? Oh you're tough. I bet Walt is quaking in his boots. I know I am.

    Talk about getting a grip! Come on! Are you kidding me? BS

  31. So I wonder if it's Steve that keeps dropping my name on the Union's town talk live..( That IS his style) Funny how my name gets dropped by "someone" now and then when I put the screws to some Lefty loving topic.
    But at the same time hiding behind "guest".
    And the only place "they" could have got my name on what ever subject it was is here.
    So it's eather dear Steve,, or JR. Maybe one in the same? Could be....
    Who ever it is, only does that when I have them by the "short and curlies".
    Hell, Steve rarely uses his name there as it is. But we all know when he posts. Funny thing about "key words" some people only use. "Toast" is a Steve favorite when it comes to Cain. A little "rasist" don't you think?,,, Steve?
    Isn't that what you said about the Tea Party all the time when it came to "O"?
    Now that the shoe is on the other foot, What should some of us say about your "hate" for Mr. Cain?
    " GOT IT " Steve????

  32. Mr. Cain and the rest of the republicans have no chance at winning and the current polls tell this story all to well!

    You guys must be complete morons to think that one of the current republican clowns have a chance as people may not like Obama, but they hate everyone of the republican candidates.

    I thought that Romney has a chance, but the leadership picked out McCain..... He looked bad before he was voted in and if he'd have died, then what PALIN?

    You got to be kidding me,that stupid yenta running this country? Jeeze, you guys must think that the American public are complete morons to do something as stupid as that!

    M. Mooers

  33. Cornflower Court must be a breeding ground of hate. You are a typical run of the mill liberal and the country is shedding you fast. I do understand why you are so nasty since you are on such a losing streak with your candidates. How's that mortgage?

  34. Let's be serious Todd, you want to talk about hate? The plain and simple FACT is that you hate 2 things, the first is that Obama is in the White House and the second is that your such a bigoted liar who's got nothing in his life but his ability to cry on this sorry little blog site.

    Face it buddy, you're a "has been" who's done very little with their Pathetic little life other than cry about who's to blame for your loser of a life!

    Loosing streak....??? Guess what buddy, in about 12 months all of your little tea baggers will be thrown out like yesterday garbage. They were a "interesting group" when they got elected, but now that people realize that these guys are like head lice they want nothing to do with them.

    I hope that you and your "do nothing" little buddies are ready for a rude awakening.

    Better by stock in Kleenex in preparation for the butt whopping that's coming down the tracks!

    M. Mooers

  35. Pelline, is that you? Yep, your URL gave you away. What a hoot!

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. Removed for namecalling. This M. Mooers character needs medication!


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