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Friday, November 11, 2011

Obama's gaffes make Rick Perry look like Einstein

Turnabout is fair play except when it might make a liberal or in this case, Obama, look bad.  We had to read and put up with the media talking heads and even some people I respect in politics, call for Rick Perry to leave and go back to Texas after his 53 seconds trying to remember the Energy Department.  The problem is all of us have a brain freeze about information we know and have repeated many times.  It was tough to see Perry have his brain freeze but should that cause him to quit?

I say no.  This little video shows the "ONE" making as many or more gaffes than any Republican candidate yet we see no call from the media for Obama to step aside.  Why is that?  Watch the video and at the end you will see a comparable brain freeze on a health care issue the ONE was supposedly an expert at.  You have heard how smart Obama is right?  Well, maybe if the media had beat the crap out of Obama on these gaffes as they have Perry the American people would get to make a educated choice and a decision.

We won't have that because Obama is one of them, the elite running the news (except FOX) and they think he is the smartest person ever elected to the Presidency.  He is their creation, the slobbering press, and they have a huge personal and professional investment in Obama and so any gaffe will be downplayed while they up-play any R gaffe.  So watch the video and you will get a idea of why not many people in America rate the veracity of the media any higher than a snakes shoulder.


  1. Good 'balance' on Obama's longstanding and ongoing gaffes that for some reason are missed in the lamestream.

  2. He is ONE of them, there can be no other reason.


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