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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Polar Bear-Gate?

We all have seen the shameless use of the polar bear by global warming liars and even Al Gore used them in his discredited movie "An Inconvenient Truth",  Car companies pushing their electric and hybrid vehicles shamelessly used pictures of the cuddly bears to sell cars.  We all cried to think our cows flatulence was melting the very ice these creatures relied on to keep from drowning.  Well, most of the shameless information was supplied in a four page report by a couple of government "scientists" and they are under the microscope of an investigation for scientific malpractice and fabrication of evidence.

HERE is the article.  The two scientists are apoplectic that their paper, not peer reviewed apparently, would be questioned as is their own veracity.  The investigation started when a whistle-blower turned them in.  Something to do with a fabrication of science and grant funds.  My guess is the anonymous whistle-blower is now in the witness protection program, afraid the global warming  police are looking to take him/her out.  But I digress.

With all the fabricated information by the so-called scientists, (mostly to protect the billions they get for their "research") it is hard to take anything they publish seriously any more.  If they had verifiable, peer reviewed scientific proof maybe they could have come out of this clean.  But, no, they had to fib and thank goodness there are a few scientists in the field that would not stand for the deceptive practices of these rent-seekers. 

I do not have a lot of hope however that the Obama Administration inspectors will issue a truthful report.  I have seen many of these kinds of investigations go nowhere over the years.  The Spotted Owl was the first big lie by the government in conjunction with "Big Environment" and we got to see the results of that lie.  Thousands of people became unemployed, whole towns became ghost towns and families torn apart.  Subsequent scientific investigations proves the little owl was plentiful and could and did, live in many different places.  Not just in "old growth" trees, what ever that is.  But, timber harvesting was curtailed and moved to Canada.  The eco's won.  Well, now a whole bunch of people that don't think these phony scientific practices should be allowed to dictate policy are out there keeping an eye on the "enablers".

The polar bear is abundant and not endangered.  The ice is abundant and cold and firm.  No longer does government reporting become a slam dunk to affect policy.  If we are going to pay scientists to investigate our world we want the truth, not lies.  The polar bear bear scientific duo under investigation are rightly worried as any rent seeking scientist should be if they stretched or fabricate the truth to suit some political and economic agenda. If they lie, they should go to jail for theft of taxpayers money.


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  2. HA!
    I love the 'tests' that constantly run here - as if there are technical issues behind the lack of discourse. Truth is that blog's were meant to share opinions by those who have relevance, and the better of them spur debate/discussion; this one has none.
    I just find clicking over here allows me to keep tabs on one of the more dangerous, fringe elements of our community - a threat to my peaceful pursuits - as my hope is that time has passed for such dishonest, hypocritical, and ignorant political relevancy.
    There is not a snowball's chance that any of the current CABPRO or TPP identifying members will ever win a seat in any fair election locally or beyond. The best they can do is to distort and disrupt (as proven in both Todd & Pruett's pursuits).
    Have at it.

    Ron Williams
    Nevada City

  3. Yes,, the GW crap has been exposed for what what it really is ...crap... but the power hungry control freaks keep sticking to us in the form of regulations still based on a fraud.
    Until people open their eyes and vote out the
    radical eco gang, things will continue to go South. Ca. is a prime example. then there is Sheila Jackson Lee doing her best to stick it to us nationally. But at least we have the House of Rep.s keeping her in check. ( for the most part)

  4. George it worked what ever you did. I have been having trouble with the comment section.

    Ron Williams seems to have a chip on his shoulder. Our county and cities have been run by people not much different from those people that have CABPRO and Tea arty philosophies. If anyone's philosophy seems irrelevant it is yours Williams. But have at it. Oh and thanks for coming here and finally saying something. The more liberals speaking their mantra the better off the country is because people get to see how scary you are.

  5. Todd, with comments like that from RonW, readers will get the 'best' of both sides. I have yet to see any of them outline what beliefs shared by CABPRO and TPP members (I belong to both) are the ones to be feared by the left. If one of them would make a list of such beliefs, it would be very instructive no matter how accurate the list is.

  6. ^^^ and that typifies the problem with you and yours George. You have no cohesive platform - just a willy-nilly stack of cause-celebs, that just so happen to be contrary to those truly important to our days, and that of the duly elected (as opposed to Bush). Good 'ol Pruett (NC Repub Committee Member)runs as a tea-people sympathizer for a non political post, though the 'tea party' is not one - particularly because the scrutiny of a real 'platform' would tatter their credibility. The fact is, that the this is all borne of an elitist desperation to retain control. White, Male, and American are the blessed amongst the tribes of the world. As strongly evidenced by a simpleton such as Juvinall ever being in a position of influence and control. And you are just another that typifies the contrarian approach used by the Republican party since Nixon. It's boilerplate, no solution-having, success via destruction, drivel (which have been 32 of the last 42 years in the 'command' that drove us into this ditch, mind you). Reagan was a fraud, the Bush's a disaster, yet they're somehow the poster boys of both groups... go figure. Obama was a mid-step toward 'change'. There is more to come... given the chance. And you may not like it.

  7. As all can read Ron Williams is your typical run of the mill liberal. Always out of ideas but never far from name calling. My guess is based on his words he has always worked for others and has no experience in business. America is a success because of the freedoms fought for and the people like Williams take advantage of. Since he does not offer the list of solutions asked by George Rebane and simply name calls Republicans, he is therefore one of the problems our country faces today. A taker of others treasure.

  8. BTW, how is the weather in Truckee?

  9. I must admit, I have always had trouble following the ramblings of those who have partaken in copious quantities of illicits for prolonged periods.

  10. How are you boys going to survive with global warming believer Mitt Romney as your nominee? LOL
    Oh my god its going to be fun!

  11. Oh, if he is the nominee then I will support him. We are already changing his mind. What is fun is watching the left praise Obama as he screws them over with every speech. You people are a hoot!~

  12. I don't think Herman is going to pick Mitt.

  13. No worries, as Herman ain't going anywhere with his 9-9-9 sillyness.

  14. We will see. You have a better plan?

  15. Yes. Tax millionaires a little more, restore the Clinton tax rates, place a transactions fee on every stock trade. Invest heavily in crumbling infrastructure and modern technological and clearn energy innovation. The deficit will largely disappear in time and the economy will clearly grown in the short term.

    Cain's plan would totally stifle the middle class consumer- who the hell is going to pay 18% sales tax in many states?

  16. I have a problem with the tax plan but at least he put something forward for a discussion.

    What is interesting to me is the lack of remembrance by the left. Obama and the democrats passed a couple of trillion dollar stimuli's and all that money went to unions and not the tax paying public. Main street was totally screwed over by Obama. You could confiscate every dime of the millionaires and billionaires and fund the government for two months, They are the people whose money is moving around the system and hires people and buys things.

    Infrastructure? We were supposed to see shovel ready and it never happened. Obama then made jokes about it. Without the overhaul of the Davis-Bacon and most contractual rules of crony=capitalism government rules, we will not get many bridges done. Clean energy is a bust, their is no such thing anyway, just a politically correct description of energy. Fossil fuel drilling and pipelines will brings a million jobs into play almost overnight. Why tax stock trades? Keachie was pushing that and we all know it is a job and investment killer. Lower taxes, cut spending, root out fraud and theft, overhaul regulations and make them less onerous and toss the tax code and redo. Then you will see millions of jobs happen overnight and the economy recover and expand.


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