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Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama a warmonger?

President O has decided to send 100 heavily armed US soldiers to Uganda.  In a a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner, O said it was in the nations security interest to do so.  He apparently has issued rules of engagement to the troops and they are to be able to fire their weapons but only in self defense.  A movement called the Lord's Resistance Army. HERE is the article.

So, the man who campaigned on pulling our troops back into the country seems hell bent on sending them out.  Libya, Sudan, and now Uganda.  I really don't have a beef with his desire to protect the people being abused, I simply object to his hypocrisy.  Apparently though in this case, the Lord's are a Christian based movement, but if they are bloodthirsty then they are no different than any other thuggee's.

All this militarism is making the hard left go apoplectic.  They are anti-war at all costs and to O's credit, he is snubbing his nose at his base.  America is a kind and generous nation, even when run by a lefty like Obama or a righty like Bush.  I guess I would like to see the OWS nuts get iinterviewed about this. 


  1. It's funny how the Left has changed it's tune. Wher are all the anti war clan now? Where is Dear Cindy?
    What did we hear when Bush was around? How come that's not being said today? Now that "O" is the war monger, thing are just fine.
    " It's justifiable"
    The day we were on the overpass that fine snowy day "O" pushed the button. Some of us heard that news as the peaceniks walked passed. Some of us pass that news on to said gang, and somehow they didn't really have a problem. Because "O" did it. Hypocrits deluxe.

  2. Thanks you guys your doing a grate Job.

    Ayebare Wilbroad

  3. No US troops were in Libya. That was a flat out lie, Todd. Happy to call you out when you lie like that.

  4. CIA was on the ground and advisers were there as well. You lose.


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