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Saturday, October 22, 2011

OWS is misguided and the antithesis of American values


99%?  How arrogant.  The OWS are a bunch of disaffected misguided folks, but since this is America, have at it.  But when you claim that you are and I am, a part of some 99% you lose me and  most of  the rest us.  We are not PO'd at a corporation, a group of like minded people banded together for a business venture.  Review your stock portfolio and retirement investments for goodness sakes.
We are not envious of others who go to work every day and are raising a family or who have more earthly goods than we do.  We are not beating drums and chanting ridiculous messages.  We are the glue that holds the country together, the hard working people who are not sponging off the work and money of others.  I think it is called the "silent majority"?  You OWS people have misread the bulk of America and you need to reword your chants.  The issue is not the "evil" corporations, there are hundreds if not thousands of them right here in Nevada County.  The issue is big government, the nanny state, liberalism run amok, and the whiny segment of our population we have empowered with nanny state laws and anti-constitutional powers.  
The return to our founding documents that contain our reason for existence is the first step.  Removal of the use of the "Commerce" clause and its bastardization by the government and over time by a misguided Supreme Court is next.  No, we are not like you and we only have the activity of dissent in common, not the issues.  I did a previous article on the Doug Schoen survey of OWS people.  I watched many interviews on TV, the Internet and in the newspaper.  No, we have nothing in common except the dissent mechanism which our brave men and women fought and died for in many wars of justice.
Do not include me in your 99%.  You may be a group of 20% but not 99%.  During the Vietnam War, you were doing the same thing.  While most Americans were trying to keep the country from falling apart, you were recruiting the young minds of mush in our colleges and convincing them to riot and kill.  The extremists of the past are right in the middle of this OWS mess as we see the same people carrying the signs again.  Only they have gray hair now.  In the other small protests we see the young and   manipulated as tools of the dark side politicians of  the extreme left.  They are not fighting for the people, they are simply there, based on the interviews I see and hear, for a free ride.  They won't take a minimum wage job, they are to spoiled.  Well we all worked at whatever we had to to survive and raise our families and we were not to proud to to pick apples or harvest asparagus.  Or work as a clerk in a store or pound nails on a home.  No we had a dream to better ourselves. We were to busy to be envious.
We took responsibility for our successes and our failures.  We didn't blame others.  That is the difference I see between the true 99% of hardworking Americans and the 1% of the people claiming allegiance to the OWS.  We help each other, many go to a church and synagogue and spread their help through the local community or as in most cases, worldwide.  Right here in our little county many churches send people. goods and money to Africa, Uganda in particular, to help build schools and water systems (many women in Africa walks miles every day to retrieve wood for fires).  No government or corporate money is involved.  So, maybe the OWS people need to re-evaluate their message  (they can't even keep their campsites clean though).  Maybe they need to join a church or a group that helps others.  Maybe they need to stop being the selfish little brats they appear to be and get a life of fulfillment and honor.  Maybe?

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