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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ghaddafi stole 200 billion dollars from his own oeople


HERE is the article on his money theft tactics.  When you add up the money Egypt's past dictator, Hosni Mubarack and Ghaddafi stole from their own people, we could run the USA's government for at least two  months!  A cursory audit revealed this year that Ghaddafi had salted away about 37 billion bucks here in the USA.  Well, we should pay back our treasury for the part we played as well as the assets he took when he nationalized the Libyan oil industry,  When all is said and done, these dictators across the planet are simple, run of the mill thieves.  The victims though are usually their own people who never know they are being stolen from. 

I would be PO'd too if I was a Libyan.  The Colonel was a embezzler as much as he was a tyrant and murderer.  Dictators seem to all be thieves don't they?  After 42 years at the helm, now dead, his legacy will be his support for terrorism,  Reagan's bombing of his tent and his theft of all this money.  Libya will hopefully get back most of the money to help them rebuild their country and provide a better life for their people.
I am truly sad though  on another front in the Middle East.  Iraq has decided our troops would be prosecuted by them under their laws if a issue came up and we could not of course accept that.  Obama rightly so, has decided to pull out the troops, leaving only an embassy contingent of Marines in Baghdad.  That is the thanks we get for saving their ass from Saddam and his thugs.  I guess when the Iranians start undermining the country and the Turks start going after the Kurds, the numbskull Iraqi legislators may be crying for our return.  If we do, I say no unless you PAY US!  Oil will do just fine.  No rugs!

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  1. At last this scum is gone!

    Nato, the French, the Brit's, America and President Obama did a great job getting this guy out.

    President Obama handeled this very well. First Osma, then Ghaddafi... a real good job by President Obama!


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