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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Updated 10-12-2011, Left Wing Nuts are Foaming at the Mouth. Originally posted 9-19-2010

No sooner did I put this blog up than I started getting threats and complaints from the extreme leftwingnuts of Nevada County. They are obviously threatened by the thought of a conservative view so they try and intimidate people into staying away. Well, we will see.  I created this blog to give conservatives another avenue to state their case.  Like Obama and the rest of the socialist philosophers in America, our local LWN (leftwingnuts) will do and say anything to convince people conservatives should be marginalized.  Well listen up, the tsunami of freedom is coming and the LWN's are going to be fish food in November.  I have dealt with these kinds of liberals for over thirty years and they will stop at nothing to get their way. Their way will be history soon.

I like Michelle Malkin's thinking and check out her homepage  here . She is one of the sharpest analyzers of the liberal.

Updated 10-12-2011.

I was looking back and came across this early post and it seems the more things change the more they stay the same.  It looks like my view of what would happen in the November 2010 election came true.  It looks like my view of the local LWN's is also true.  They are as rabid as ever.  Local socialists are trying to compete with the Tea Party and will be protesting the Wall Street Bankers and the 99% who they say are the victims of the 1% they say who has all the money.  I think these locals have smoked too much weed and their brains are shrunken.  Almost 50% of Americans pay no federal income tax but receive most of the budget handouts.  The left should just claim victory, go home and watch Oprah.  We on the right are trying to fight back and get the powers that be  to get out of the way of our Constitutional Rights.  The left wants more government, we want less.

So, the Tea Party is now being used by these socialists as a comparable movement when there is no comparison, except maybe in the opposite direction.  We want freedom from so much government while the freeloaders on the left want more and they want our money too.  I have said for years the left gets their way because they never give up and they come back year after year to finally get their policies turned into laws.  We on the right are busy working and raising families, overseeing our businesses where our capital in at risk.  We usually y have no time to march over to the overpass and spew socialist and communist mantra and slogans.  The leftwing is nostalgic for the old days of the Chicago riots and college protests.  We are nostalgic for people to become responsible for their own actions and to get the government out of my business, my home and my bedroom.


  1. What business? Planning to add jobs if you get a tax cut? LOL.

    What do you mean about your bedroom? What's going on there?

  2. No one will add a job for a tax credit. Even my granddaughter has figured that out and she is 12.

    The social liberals are trying to pass laws to control and guide your life in all respects. Watch the signed and vetoed bills at Moonbeams home page for a clue.

  3. I'm still puzzled why you made the bedroom comment. You're quite confused. Its the far right Evangelicals and such who've been fighting for decades- gay rights, gay marriage and "immorality." They're the ones trying to legislate the bedroom. Always have been.

  4. Gotta love how a "supposed" LIB buisness hires and fires.
    I let my guard down and got stabbed in the back. Yup open and honest, and the coward runs away.
    ya, "towntalk live" libs sure know how to operate.

  5. Walt, tell us more about your incident.

  6. Anonymous, please post your real name and you are incorrect. Liberals are the PC crowd, not the conservatives. We hate the sin not the sinner and we don't care what you do in your bedroom, just don't throw it in my schools and in my face. Liberals don't have any class because they want us all to sympathize with them as they dress like women marching down the streets of San Francisco.

  7. Not falling for that twice.

  8. Looks like the Three Stooges- you and Walt.

  9. Looks like the local left is threatened by you or they would not comment. Keep up the good fight.

  10. I know they are. And they are cowards. They can't win on the issue, so they fall back to insults. So right back at'm.
    But they are the first to bitch about slurs and name calling.
    It's a good thing I wear gloves when I work, I got them by the sack.( but it's so small,and it keeps slipping around.)

  11. Hey Barry, thought you weren't going to comment in these blogs anymore?

    Whazza with that?


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