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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Class warfare by Obama and the democrats will fail miserably, it is UnAmerican

I am truly disappointed in the attempts by Obama and the democrats to turn Americans against Americans by using the "envy" card.  They want Americans who are in one monetary category to hate those that are in another monetary category.  They think this will gain them votes.  Maybe it will work, people being people sometimes are guilty of envy, but in the drive for short term gain Obama and the democrats harm the very reason America exists.

Joel Kotkin has written a excellent article on the Obama drive to divide us by money.  HERE is the article and I must say, other than a couple of things I don't agree with, Kotkin has hit the nail on the head about the cynical move by Obama. Kotkin summarizes by stating something most Americans can agree with, he says,

"Neither mindless budget-cutting nor politically motivated redistribution can solve the growing economic divide or create new wealth. Instead, we need a tax and policy regime that stops favoring financial insiders and instead focuses incentives on the grass-roots hard work and ingenuity that have long been America’s greatest economic asset."

 This is a very populist statement I can agree with.  America has been the great experiment in the planet's history.  Can people as individuals be more than cannon fodder for the KING?  We proved it can be but over the years the desire to improve one's life through our free society has been relentlessly attacked by the KING.  The KING is the leftwing that wants to control all aspects of our lives and is readily visible in their PC world and through the laws and regulations they have foisted on free Americans.  In my view we need to release the creative tsunami of the American and return the country to one the planet's people see as one of hope.

Big government over the years, and I mean even at our local levels (land use, etc.), has ratcheted down our freedoms and taken many Americans out of the race to improve their lives and the lives of their children. Rules for everything.  Fines and exaction's for all behaviours except the favored PC behaviours. Almost every American is now a law breaker since there are now so many laws to control us you can't help but be breaking one or two every day. 

The rules affect all the little people and keep them in a constant state of frustration.  But what Obama has done in my view is to totally misread what Americans really want.  We all want to do better (well except for rent-seekers) and we don't really want those that succeed in our economy to do worse.  We want to use the economic system to improve our lives and provide a better standard of living for ourselves and our kids.  We are out of the cave, it wasn't easy but Americans seemed to all be on the same track about success.  So what happened?  Politicians, mostly from the left, started their class warfare mantra and have been trying to drive a wedge between those that have economically made it and those that haven't.  In order to achieve the redistribution of the money those that make it have, to those that don't has been why we now have a 100,000 pages of tax laws.

So, in my populist view, I really don't care how much anyone makes but I do care if laws are made to force some kind of redistribution of that money.  That is where we need to concentrate.  Less regulations, less loopholes, more people with a dog in the hunt.  More opportunity, a return to freedom accomplished with less laws and regulations controlling us.  Do these thing and America will naturally return to a fair and balanced country.


  1. Not envy. Most of us have happy, simple lives and live for health and wellness. And as we all know most of these power brokers have miserable personal lives, evidenced by divorce rates, lawyers hired, etc. Occupy is simply about balance, the numbers that actually work to solve our huge government debt, maintaining semblence of social safety nets, and fundamental fairness. Its absolutely a conservative, unemotional analysis (as opposed to gimmicks like 9-9-9 that NO economist worth his salt supports). Most of the people that need to pay more are total jackasses that no one in their right mind would envy. Money, in the amounts we're talking about, is not coveted by any of us, in any way. This is pure Christian philosophy- money is the root of much of human evil.

  2. Sorry but I don't buy your mantra.


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