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Friday, September 9, 2011

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS We all have plans!

After listening to Obama's "Jobs" plan last night I had to  run and get a paper bag to stave off hyper-ventilating from uncontrollable laughter.  He wants the taxpayers to fork over another 35 billion to save teachers jobs!  That works out to $125,000 per job saved.  And if they are saved who are they going to teach?  Amazing!  I agree with him on the payroll tax.  I think though the government should become the bookkeeper and allow the working stiffs of our country a holiday for say a year.  Or better yet, allow people to pay their taxes like many do on April 15 without having the employer take the money from their weekly checks.  The whole country would re-register as Republicans so we know that will never happen.

Of course we had Mitt Romney submit his jobs plan and the Republican House had sent one to the black hole of the US Senate long ago.  Harry Reid is somehow the Master of the Universe there and can, under the Senate rules put democracy on the shelf until he deems it worthy to be heard.  The Senate needs to change that dictatorial rule, it is UNAMERICAN!

I also lke the US Chamber of  Commerce jobs plan.  Kinda simple but the analysts say it would create 8 million jobs.  Since no on really knows how many jobs can be created in the future, I will go with the plan with the biggest number.  The Chamber has a six pointer.  Here it is as outlined by Chamber honcho Donahue..

• Offering reduced tax rates to corporations on profits earned overseas, a move that the chamber says would encourage multinational corporations to bring as much as $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy, and by temporarily reducing the tax rate companies pay on the sale of capital assets.

• Passing pending trade agreements with Colombia, South Korea, and Panama, modernizing export control measures and adopting changes in patent law to protect intellectual property.

• Increase oil and gas exploration to levels in place before the Gulf oil spill prompted a moratorium on offshore drilling permits, expand oil and gas exploration on federal lands and approve a $7 billion, 1,700-mile oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

• Congressional approval of transportation, aviation, and water resources programs that finance road, bridge, and airport construction. Those programs are mostly paid for with gasoline taxes or other user fees.

• Facilitate tourism by promoting American travel, streamlining visa applications, and speeding up security screenings for low-risk travelers.

• Provide regulatory relief for industries, including a moratorium on rules that are deemed to have a significant economic impact until the economy has improved and employment has grown.

 Add Romney's two million job projection and we are back to full employment! Add a couple of Obama's ideas (not yet to be found on paper) regarding taxes and we will be back to importing people to fill all those jobs Americans are too good to do.  I would add a few more things since it appears everyone can put in their two bits.  

1. Audit every single program of government to root out graft and corruption, send the scofflaws to jail
2. No more grants and/or loans of taxpayers money to 501 c3's for say, two years.
3. Put a real lockbox on Social Security, no more IOU's or borrowing from it. No more claims for anything from SS except for retirement.
4. Medicaid to have a $25 copay
5. Remove the Energy, Education and Commerce Departments from our government.
6. Repeal Obamacare.

I have a gazillion but these would save us a half a trillion bucks and then maybe with the removal of the Sarbanes law and put Glass Steagal back in place the credit markets may open back up and that is where the rubber meets the road in a capitalist economy.  Voila!  No more recession.

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