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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Federal Judge rules for Alabama on their law against illegal immigrants

What a mess the federal government has made.  While suing the different states for passing laws to curtail illegal immigration, the feds claim the laws are unconstitutional because they claim possession of the right to enforce those laws!  A circular argument by the feds as usual.  Well, U.S. District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn said no no no.  The states do have some rights and she refused to throw out the law.  She did modify a few of the provisions but for the most part the feds were spanked.  Of course now that Arizona has asked for a direct link to the Supremes for a decision, this will perhaps add more weight to their request.

HERE is the article. What is fascinating to me is the total disregard of the ACLU in the sanctity of our borders.  They are suing in all the states that are passing these laws.  In Alabama, the legislature is now, for the first time in 140 years, a Republican majority.  We get to see the rational minds of Conservatives in all these decisions.  The American taxpayer says enough!  We can no longer be so generous with people from other countries who sneak across the border and go to the head of the line. 

I personally know people who immigrated to America and they all did it legally.  It wasn't easy but they did it.  They are now Americans.  The illegals break the law as soon as they cross the border and then their mouthpieces like the ACLU and even some misguided churches fight for their "rights".  Well, Americans support legal immigration by a huge margin.  Americans are a fair people but when others take advantage of our tolerance, things get tougher.  We have to ask these folks to leave and then if they desire to return, sign up and do it the legal and fair way.

If they don't want to become a citizen in the legal way but want to work then I say reinstitute the bracero program or create something to accommodate the employer and the employee.  I know many Americans who became displaced from their profession, usually in construction, because illegals were hired, paid cash and worked for much less.  The law of a dollar put many people out of work. So, this Judge in Alabama has finally brought some common sense to the issue.  The influx of illegal immigrants has been a major problem for other minority hires because of the wage disparities.

So, perhaps at some point in the near future we will see a decision that will finally get the monumental problem under control.  Interestingly, Judge Blackburn left in the ruling the ability to stop and ask people if they were legal or not.  Now that will put the left's panties in a wad. 

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