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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elizabeth Warren, liberal professor, socialist extrodinanire

When I hard this blurb by this socialist professor from Harvard, I knew why she could not get confirmed by a democrat controlled US Senate.  This women is now running for US Senate from Massachusetts against Scott Brown.

Even Obama got cold feet with this socialist extremist but she was successful in getting Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, her ideological kindred spirit, appointed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Where every fiscal transaction in America would need their blessing.  Amazing!  Yet this woman, paid all her life by the taxpayers and the overcharged students of Harvard, will not release documents under wraps from her stint as Chairman of the ten million dollar government oversight committee.  (She has since started to loosen up under constituent pressure but still a long way to go).

HERE is a more detailed review of this socialist, the darling of the likes of many local leftwingnuts and non-profits. (we can see why non profits like her so much).  This comment really sums up this hypocrite and why Americans are rejecting her type of ideology.

"The arrogance of power and the ignorance of history may be the best way to describe Warren and the government agency she concocted.  The philosophy behind the Bureau is simple – the learned and intelligencia must control the marketplace in order to protect the simple-minded."

 My only hope is the people of her state will reject her out of hand like the leftwing democrats did.  Give this socialist her walking papers and please, don't let her ever have a teaching position again in America.  She belongs in Cuba.


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  2. First, tax cuts are not give aways, but I, and growing number of conservatives, agree that we do not need to be the world police. Second, I agree that business owners should pay taxes for roads and police; however, I am guessing that my view of how much is substantially less than Warren's view of how much.

  3. Her whole premise is fatally flawed regarding taxes. She thinks a business or even a person lives in a vacuum and is simply taking. The business or person pays taxes. For instance in California, a trucking business pays the tax on the fuel they use then they are also inundated with numerous other taxes on their vehicles as well as large registration fees. She is simply a socialist without any smarts about the real world or how it works. She is pandering to her lefty crowd who probably are like her, academics who have no common sense.

  4. Nice blog and your comments are spot on.

    Jim Eaton


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