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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Perry is tied with Obama in the latest Gallup Poll

Even though it is way to early to get very excited about any particular Republican candidate for President, that is not stopping all these polling companies from showing us their results on a daily basis.  Gallup, a company we all used to trust but who became Gallup/Obama in the last race, seems to perhaps regained its senses (this week?) and is reporting the truth?  Well, they can't cover for Obama when the numbers are so evident I guess.  HERE is their latest poll in head to head match-ups with all the candidates.  Romney actually is ahead by a couple of points and the rest of the field is almost even.

I have not yet decided who I will support and waiting until every possible candidate jumps in is my style.  I did vote for Romney over McCain in the 2008 primary and he at the moment leads the field.  I just love the primary process though and watching the players and reading their literature and watching them debate are what politics is all about for me.  Then when the people vote and we see the results we can feel very good about being an American.  Many countries on the planet don't have the fun we have with elections.  Too bad for them.

The saddest part of the process for me though was brought to the fore in 2008 when the liberal lamestream media pretty well destroyed the girl from Alaska.  We all had to endure the liberals trashing of a fine woman and the press even went after her family.  We were all outraged not only because Sarah was the epitome of what the left said a woman was "supposed" to be in the world but the bald-faced unfairness of them piling on her and leaving cocaine using Obama alone.  Only FOX News and talk radio  attempted to tell the American people about the inept man they loved and protected in their daily press "reports".  Sarah of course was left so politically tainted by the lamestream media I don't think she has a snowballs chance in hell if she jumped into the race.  Too bad for America.

I am grateful though that the truth somehow gets out about the happenings of the country.  We now have many thousands of people, if not millions, who give us information we can read or hear and the freedom to decide.  No longer will we let the lamestream media and their cohorts, the liberals, destroy people with impunity.  The press and the liberals have now tried their nasty ways on Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and lately, Herman Cain.  Liberal comedian/activist Jeanine  Garafalo even called Cain a victim of the "Stockholm" Syndrome because she said how could a black man be a Republican in his right mind.  Our local leftwingnut faux blogger has yet to show his outrage about that.  (just a hypocrite like all liberals).

So, the season of the primary is coming and hopefully the Republicans will not attack each other but stick to going after the failed policies of Obama and his ilk.  We know the left will lie and cheat their way to win and their buddies in the lamestream media will assist them.  We will defeat them with the truth.

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