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Monday, August 22, 2011

Updated 8-30-2011, Ben Emery, try try again.

Remember that story about the fellow moving rocks from one side of the yard to the other?  Never able to stop because it was just never satisfactory placement? He sure stayed busy though.   Well, that is the failed candidate for Congress, Ben Emery.  He ran as a independent apparently, (registered as "other", wow!) and he was trounced quite handily in the 4th Congressional District race.  Even a carpetbagger democrat from Florida trounced him.  But hey, try try again. He seems to have found a home on the leftwingnut blogs of our county and after reading his views, he really should start telling the truth about his political persuasion.

After having won some and lost some in the political world, I can understand why Ben Emery is so frustrated.  He is a loser and will always be a loser unless he gets on board a political party of relevance.  He should choose the party that he seems to feel at home with.  The liberal democrats.  I can understand people like Ben not wanting to try and get involved in a party that might have a chance at victory.  By staying in a irrelevant party, or non-aligned, he can take pot shots at the big boys and girls and complain (as he does continuously) that the world is so unfair.  Those mean ol' major parties are just unwilling to listen to a 2 or 3 percenter and that makes him angry.

Get used to it, move those rocks back and forth, never take responsibility for victory and you can blog on the liberals blogs and whine and complain.  Someday, maybe before you croak, you might experience a victory in politics (it is a great feeling).  If you do, the whining has to stop and the leadership and legislation has to begin.  Oh, that's not what you want is it?

Updated, here is a comment by this fellow which shows how he thinks.  Totally unqualified for public office in my view.  Also, you can perhaps better understand why I could care less about playing nice with this ilk.

"I have called them both out on it on their blogs, and had a heated but non-personal attack dialogue with them. Todd usually chimes in and I have little respect for his opinions and he is one of the few people that I can be rude without feeling bad about it."


  1. I just hope one thing.... If Ben ever is elected, that he never turns out like you!

    A spineless sad little man who has done nothing in his life but cry, cry, cry....

    J. Mortenson

  2. On the contrary he should aspire to be like me. I am a winner. Besides, you don't even vote so you don't count. LOL.

  3. I'm trying to figure out what makes Ben think he is remotely qualified to be our representative in congress. Being a fringe liberal just doesn't cut it anymore.


  4. Drwams of granduer Woodsy. Ego.He thinks he can make people be interested in him but when someone wants to be a big fish, better to start out in a little pond. He should try for dog catcher first and work his way up.

  5. Woodsy, I do agree he is totally unqualified to lead. I think I may have received more votes in my Supe race win then he did district wide. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

    Poor RL is being attacked as is Paul Emery by the liberals (Paul is one), for disagreeing with the "big boy" faux blogger. The other nuts on that blog are too funny. The Annie and Brad show cracks me up. Neither is to be found in the public record as most of the liberals are not, but that doesn't stop them from bloviating.

  6. At least these two people have jobs and contribute to society, where as you:

    1. Leach off the federal government with you're inability to make wise business decisions and if you consider that you owed the bank $431K and that "investment" sold for @$260K, so are you going to pay the $171K (plus another @$25K in bank costs) back?

    This was all of our money that you managed to "steal", and we want it back!

    Until that happens you have nothing to say to any of us financially responsible people. See we pay our bills, how about you?

    2. Don't know your wise and just posterior from the thing on your shoulders. You tell all of us "you don't know me", but I remember someone telling you "we all know you all too well" and every time you post anything we're all reminded what a "stand up" guy you are.....

    3. You consort with the "brain trust" that could not punch their way out of a paper bag... My parents taught all of their kids at a very young age, that if you hang with stupid people, it's a indicator of your own brains. I don't remember Steven Hawkings hanging out with TPP, or stupid people that spout same type of crap that you do.

    I have to wonder about Rebane / Greg Goodnight (Rebane's alter ego) as when you read what they both posted, it's the same crap, almost word for word, from both of them (Oh, and how come there's no Greg Goodnight in Northern California - including on the voter rolls and you and Barry haven't quite figured that one out? - LOL!!!!).

    That in itself makes a big statement about you and your "hoot" mantra.

    M. Mortenson

  7. Another sock puppet. There is nothing in the public record that you exist so I guess you are just a figment of your own imagination. One thing I have learned about liberals is they are all like you. Silly. Sorry but you have all your "facts" wrong and when you get an education on business and ethics, get back to us. My article rousted a bunch of you "saps" out of the woodwork. What a hoot!

  8. Here is a quote from Ben Emery which solidifies my opinion he will never be a winner in politics.

    "I will say this, the politics in the US have gone so far to the right over the past 30 years that I am strongly on the left. But by today’s standards Ronald Reagan would have been on the left as well and Eisenhower would be called a socialist. In our government and the two party leaderships we have a hard right and right leaning, making their compromises solidly right. Perfect example was the debt ceiling. "

    I would call him a leftwing extremist.

  9. Oh and Mortenson since I have never seen you on any other blogs, even your lib buddies, you gave yourself away as a sock puppet. What a hoot!

  10. M. Mortensen needs medication asap.


  11. Mortensen, Since you don't seem to exist how do we know you pay your bills?
    Hawking hanging out with TPP? This indicates the need for a little analysis.
    But I'm not familiar with your writings. I need a little more.

  12. He is probably one of the usual gang. But to cover his tracks, uses a Nephews, or a distant Cousins name.
    Just like when the Union blogs were humming along. the local progressives changed their names like clockwork. But some of them didn't have the smarts to understand that when they change a name, it changed in ALL the previous posts. ( I kind of liked that feature)

    HELL, it's probably one of "our two Steve's" for all we know.

  13. Walt, you are so right. The liberals are so cowardly. This Morty gellow is just a woose.

  14. Hey BW & Walt, how do we know you and little Walty pay your bills too? It's pretty easy in this day and age to look as someone (like out little Todd) and see what they've done with their lives.

    Considering that he's not really done anything in his life other than live in his daddy's house and to lose @$200K of OUR money that say's a lot about what a "outstanding citizen" you are.

    If you're so "wise and just" then I expect you'll write a check for the amount that you owe every one of us, otherwise you're just a little man who needs his diaper changed as you're full of Sh-t!

    You want to talk about a "sock puppet" my little wise and just friend?

    You make us all laugh!

    M. Mortensen

  15. liberals just make it up and always attack personally. My guess this Morty sock puppet is one of the usual suspects because it is not found in the public record. But I'll leave its attack so all can see what little people they are. That is why we are winnung the arguments when people see what small twerps Morty types are. What a hoot? My guess is Morty is a scofflaw bandit sucking off the teet of us taxpayers, but I digress. LOL.

  16. Deleted the Morty sock puppet as promised.

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  19. Morty the sock puppets lat wo personal attacks have bit the dust. I must say though that a supposed adult male is quite the child. What a hoot! Maybe he'll go over tho his masters blog and give him splice.

  20. Mortensen = Peeline : Peeline = Mortensen

  21. Mortenson went from a first initial J to now a M. What a hoot! The liar can't even remember his own lie!

  22. Looks like Morty is really PeterK, a loon over on the lefty blog. He outed himself. I knew he was a sock puppet.


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